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October 2023


Incorporated in August of 2002, the Education Foundation has completed the past two decades supporting the naturist community through scholarships and grants thanks to the generosity of the AANR community and others.

In 2021, the Board established an annual art raffle to continue supporting the objectives set 20 years ago. Funds raised through the raffle enabled, in part, the award of four scholarships and two youth camp grants.

The Board is pleased to present the 2023 artwork.

Raffle tickets are $5 each or 5 for $20.

Created by your fellow nudists, the artwork will be delivered in time to make a wonderful Christmas Season gift!

100% of the raffle proceeds go to the Education Foundation so please be generous.

Our thanks to the artists who have donated the works including the special painting by the AANR MidWest Cedar Trails Kids Kamp participants, ERBCO Gallery, T. Boyd, and Henry Yeun!

We appreciate the efforts of the EF Board members including David Levine, Margie Cantlon, Bob Roche, and Jessica Harpin

The Raffle is now available through December 3, 2023.

So click the link, buy raffle tickets, and support the Education Foundation

Click here.


The American Association for Nude Recreation (AANR) empowers individuals to embrace the beauty of freedom and the simplicity of a clothes-free lifestyle. As an organization, we've safeguarded the interests of the naturist community for over eighty years, threading a vibrant tapestry of body freedom and the principles of naturism. Striding persistently against the odds, we continuously pioneer solutions to the challenges on our horizon, relentlessly promoting our core tenets.

Upholding the Rights of the Naturist Community

At AANR, our dedicated Government Affairs Team (GAT), helmed by Tim Mullins, lends us the voice we need to keep our fundamental rights intact. Monitoring and responding to legislative actions and proposed legislation, they present the shared perspectives of our members and clubs, representing us at local, state, and national levels.

The GAT's extensive experience is a resource for our clubs. If, as a member, you find yourself facing issues, do not hesitate to reach out to the GAT. We will be there to assist, asserting your rights and ensuring that your voice makes an impact.

As the political field shifts and transforms, our vigilance grows stronger. We keep a steady eye on the horizon, ensuring the liberties we have won over the years remain intact, and we aggressively challenge attempts to limit these freedoms.

Building Connections through Shared Stories

Our political representation is just one of the ways we offer support to the naturist community. In addition to that, we provide valuable insights and advice through our regularly published newsletters. These newsletters serve as a platform for engaging narratives about living the naturist lifestyle, covering a wide range of topics. For instance, we delve into the science of sun exposure and discuss the importance of makeup, or even the absence of it, in our daily lives. We also share memorable travel experiences, and indulgent spa trips, and celebrate the incandescent glow of nudist pride.

Furthermore, our Executive Director and President actively contribute to the newsletter, offering their unique thoughts and analyses. Their perspectives provide a special lens through which both new and long-standing members can gain a deeper understanding of our community.

Sharing Opportunities with the Wider Naturist Community

Beyond the richness of content, our newsletters provide a vibrant marketplace for the wider naturist community. Not only do businesses have the opportunity to advertise their services, but individuals also have the chance to place classified ads, creating a diverse and interactive marketplace. By connecting people through our newsletters, we aim to spark collaborations, encourage networking, and facilitate the growth of a thriving naturist economy. In addition to these economic benefits, our newsletters also play a crucial role in strengthening our shared identity as a naturist community. Through informative articles, thought-provoking discussions, and engaging features, we strive to foster a sense of belonging and unity among naturists worldwide. Join us today and be part of this dynamic and inclusive community!

Maximizing the Benefits of Membership

We aim to significantly extend the reach of your annual contributions, delivering a wide range of tangible benefits and robust services to our esteemed members. Our unwavering commitment ensures that you are an integral part of an ever-evolving and transformative journey, a journey that is distinctly characterized by our tireless quest to not only secure but also amplify recognition and respect for the naturist lifestyle. By joining us, you become an essential catalyst in driving positive change and fostering a stronger sense of community within the naturist movement.

A Warm Welcome to AANR-West

Take a moment to explore the various sections of our website. Here, you will find a vibrant and thriving community of individuals who share a common passion for naturist living. Our community not only provides a platform for advocacy but also offers strategic support to our valued members.

In addition, we encourage you to sign up for our emails, which will ensure that you stay informed about the latest news, have access to exclusive offers, and receive regular updates from us.

One of our primary objectives is to introduce more women to the numerous benefits of naturist living. We firmly believe in creating an inclusive environment where every woman can feel comfortable and empowered. We strive to create a space where women can freely express their individuality without fear of judgment or constraint.

For the First-Time Visitors

If you're getting ready to embark on your first adventure to a nudist club, look no further. Our comprehensive Newcomers page is specifically crafted to guide you through every step of the way, ensuring that your visit is not only comfortable but also incredibly enjoyable.

At the heart of our philosophy lies a strong emphasis on family values. We firmly believe in the numerous advantages and deep connections that naturist living brings to families. Witnessing multiple generations embracing and embracing this way of life is a common occurrence and never fails to bring us immense happiness and fulfillment.

Join Us in Our Journey

We invite you to join us on this remarkable journey. When you support AANR, you support the unwavering pursuit of body freedom and the principles of naturism. Together, we can create a world that not just tolerates but embraces these principles—and respects our way of life.

Your support enables hundreds of nudist clubs across the West Coast to continue their operations behind a unified front. It empowers us to represent and protect their interests consistently—making AANR-West a home for all those who share our love for freedom, simplicity, and the beauty of the human body.

In collaboration, we can alter perceptions, break down walls of misunderstanding, and build bridges of acceptance. Join us, and become a part of our story—the story of AANR-West: a story of resilience, representation, and relentless pursuit of a dream.


Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Throughout history, activists and celebrities have leveraged nudity to raise awareness for breast cancer and promote breast cancer prevention methods, such as mammograms and self-screening. In May 2023, AANR aims to highlight the importance of breast cancer awareness through a press release. No Bra Day is an annual event on October 13 that encourages women to go braless in support of breast cancer awareness. If AANR has any national activities planned, these initiatives will be shared at the appropriate time.

Bullying Prevention Month: The Connection to Body Image

Various sources of evidence, both anecdotal and scientific, have illustrated how nudism can lead to improved body image. Encouraging a healthy body image can help prevent bullying. As members of the nudist community, it is our responsibility to champion bullying prevention and educate our children on the benefits of a positive body image.

To encourage healthy body image among adolescents:

  • Promote healthy eating and exercise habits.
  • Advise adolescents not to compare themselves with their peers.
  • Lead by example, refraining from criticizing your own body or the bodies of others.
  • Support bullying victims by building their self-esteem and emphasizing their positive traits.
  • Encourage them to pursue their passions, which enhances confidence and fosters healthy friendships.


National Indigenous Peoples Day (10/9)

Although National Indigenous Peoples Day is not a federal holiday, it is observed by California, Hawaii, Arizona, and New Mexico. Recognized on the second Monday in October (10/9/23), this day celebrates the history and cultures of the United States' indigenous populations. California, Arizona, and New Mexico are among the states with the highest Native American populations. The Navajo Nation, the largest land area held by a Native American tribe in the US, spans across Arizona, New Mexico, and Utah.

Canadian Thanksgiving Day (10/10)

We extend a warm welcome and Happy Thanksgiving to our Canadian friends! We are delighted to see you visit annually during this festive season.

Halloween (10/31)

Remember to explore the Halloween activities hosted by your local AANR West club. Start brainstorming costume ideas now and prepare to enjoy a fun-filled celebration!


Bear Naked Granola, in partnership with Leo Burnett Chicago and Gaia GPS, launched an innovative campaign to make nude hiking more accessible. They introduced America's first unofficial nude-friendly trail system, providing information on nude-friendly trails through the Gaia GPS app. The campaign also included a covert emoji code system for hikers to review and mark trails. Additionally, Bear Naked Granola designed a hiker's belt that conceals a bag of granola and doubles as a makeshift loincloth. This unconventional campaign, known as the #HikeBearNaked challenge, aims to celebrate the freedom of experiencing nature in the buff and break down barriers for nude hikers. Read the article


The divide between naturists who love being nude and non-naturists who cringe at the idea. Naturists find comfort in social nudity through factors such as normalization, body acceptance, different values, and community. On the other hand, non-naturists struggle with internalized taboos, body shame, fear of judgment, discomfort with change, and lack of community. The post suggests ways for naturists to gently encourage body acceptance among non-naturists, including leading by example, finding common ground, going slowly, offering reassurance, providing an entryway, focusing on feelings, and being patient. While some people may never accept nudity, the post emphasizes the importance of understanding and finding spaces that honor vulnerability and imperfections. Read the article


Some barbershops in Brazil are offering a unique and unconventional experience to their customers. In addition to the usual hair services, these establishments provide an option for customers to have their hair done while being completely naked. This innovative concept aims to create a relaxed and comfortable environment, deviating from the traditional male grooming spaces. The nudist barbershops have gained popularity across the country, attracting customers who seek a liberating and intimate experience. By challenging the norms of dress and appearance, these establishments reflect a societal shift towards embracing a more natural and laid-back approach to self-care. This trend signifies a growing interest among individuals to explore alternative options for personal grooming and self-expression. Read the article


Embracing Naturism: An Empowering Choice for Women

The world we live in grows increasingly digital and artificial, distancing us from our true human nature. In such times, embracing naturism could be a mindful, powerful journey of reconnection for women. This unique philosophy promotes nudity in social settings with the aim of fostering acceptance, equality, and respect for our bodies. This article will explore compelling reasons why women should consider embracing naturism.

Rediscovering Body Positivity

One of the most significant premises of naturism is a positive body image - embracing our physical selves 'as is', without the pressures of societal expectations or trends. For many women, the escape from the scrutinizing gaze of society is a refreshing reset.

Naturism offers a sanctuary where every stretch mark, scar, or curve is celebrated as part of a natural human body, breaking shackles of body shaming. It encourages women to cherish and accept their bodies, promoting healthy self-esteem. Therefore, naturism is a step forward towards body positivity, helping women discover self-love and acceptance.

Encouraging Equality and Respect

In naturist environments, clothing that typically indicates social status or personal style is removed, cultivating a culture of equality and mutual respect. It is a space where a woman is seen for who she is as a person, rather than her attire or appearance.

Moreover, naturism approaches nudity as natural rather than sexual, challenging objectifying notions propagated by the media. By normalizing all types of bodies, it alters misconceptions, helping to reduce instances of inappropriate behavior. This respectful environment can extend outside naturist spaces, promoting a healthier societal approach to women's bodies.

Improving Mental and Physical Health

From a mental health perspective, naturism can relieve stress and anxiety. Being in harmony with one's body can uplift mood and confidence, empowering women to take on life with a renewed outlook. Furthermore, naturism is often practiced in serene outdoor settings like beaches or resorts, offering the therapeutic effects of nature to improve overall well-being.

Physically, the benefits of naturism are considerable. Sunlight is a natural source of Vitamin D, which is crucial for bone health, immune function, and mental health. Naturism allows for full-body exposure to sunlight (while being mindful of sun protection) to maximize these benefits. Additionally, the practice promotes better skin health as the entire body can breathe without the restriction of clothing, reducing instances of skin issues like acne or rashes.

Promoting Sustainable Living

Naturism encourages a minimalistic lifestyle, moving away from the culturally ingrained practice of acquiring and discarding countless outfits. By reducing reliance on clothing, naturism drives sustainable living, decreasing unnecessary consumption and the associated environmental footprint. Consequently, embracing naturism is more than a personal choice – it's a step towards being environmentally responsible, reflecting a broader concern for the planet.

Building a Supportive Community

Being part of the naturist community can introduce women to a diverse, supportive, and non-judgmental group. Shared values like respect, acceptance, and freedom from societal norms can nurture strong bonds. This community can become an enduring network of support, combatting issues like loneliness and fostering social connections.

Undoubtedly, the transition to naturism requires personal courage and an open mindset. However, for women seeking an environment of acceptance, respect, and natural beauty, it's a change worth considering. Embracing naturism can bring liberation from societal norms and expectations, fostering a newfound appreciation for one's body, and nurturing a feeling of profound freedom.

Naturism extends beyond simply shedding clothes – it symbolizes shedding prejudices, insecurities, and societal pressures, unfolding as a journey of self-discovery and personal growth. So, if you are a woman seeking an empowering, body-positive, and respectful environment, embracing naturism might be a step towards the new, authentic you.


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