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Welcome Video for Newcomers

If you are interested in experiencing your first clothing-optional experience, watch this short video from a long-time nudist and member of AANR-West.

Information for Newcomers

Social nudity can be a life-changing experience that can evoke both liberation and anxiety. However, before you decide to take the plunge, there are a few things to consider. Here are some tips to help you determine if you are ready to explore the world of social nudity:

Embrace your anxiety: It's entirely normal to feel uneasy when you are considering social nudity for the first time. However, if you feel paralyzed by anxiety, it may be a sign that you aren't quite ready to make the leap. Take some time to learn more about the experience and consider easing into it when the allure of the pleasure you will experience outweighs your anxiety.

Challenge your self-consciousness: Most of us have been brought up to feel uncomfortable about being naked in front of others. But social nudity can be an incredibly liberating experience that promotes a more positive body image. As you acclimate to this new experience, you will likely notice how comfortable you have become and how much you appreciate the freedom of being nude in a social setting.

Learn the rules: Whether you're at a nudist resort or any other social nudist environment, it's essential to learn the guidelines and how to conduct yourself in a way that respects other people's boundaries. Remember that just because people are nude doesn't mean they want to be touched, stared at, flirted with, or disturbed in any way. Give everyone their space and respect their privacy.

Take your time: Most nudist social environments allow for some time to adjust to the experience. You don't need to undress in public if you don't feel comfortable doing so. You can undress in private areas such as restrooms or your booked room.

Do your research: If you're planning to visit a nudist resort, take the time to read their website and rules beforehand. Some resorts are family-friendly, while others are solely for adults 18 and older.

Be open-minded: Everyone you meet in the nudist social world has gone through their first visit, and you will too. Keep an open mind and remember that this is a new experience that may change your perspective on yourself, your body, and the world around you.

Overall, social nudity can be a positive and life-affirming experience that promotes self-confidence and body positivity. Take the time to consider your readiness, learn the guidelines, and take the leap into this exciting new world of social nudity.

FAQs about Nudism

We get frequent calls from people curious about social nudity. Because newbies often ask the same questions, we have compiled the most commonly asked questions on nudism.

What is a Nudist/Naturist?

A nudist/naturist is someone who enjoys doing the everyday activities of life without the encumberance of clothes.

A Guide to Courtesy & Behavior at AANR Beaches, Resorts, and Clubs

Etiquette at AANR beaches, resorts, and clubs is not much different from the same good manners and behavior that you should exhibit wherever you go. Be polite and respect the rights of others and others will do the same for you.

Obey all Rules and Customs

Each Club or location has its own set of rules. Before you go, it is essential that you familiarize yourself with those rules. All clubs share at least a couple of rules in common.

  • Do not put your bare butt on a bare surface. While you are nude, always have a towel with you and do not sit on any surface without placing a towel between your butt and that surface.
  • Shower before you enter the pool or hot tub.
  • In the past alcohol was not allowed at clubs or parties. That has changed; however, what has not changed is the simple fact that intoxicated behavior will not be tolerated.
  • Also in the past, dances were either not allowed or people had to dress for the dance. This too has changed. What is not allowed is overly sexual or lude dancing.

Basic Guidelines for AANR Beaches, Resorts, and Clubs

AANR-West allows each nudist club to establish its own specific set of guidelines appropriate to its own culture, but we do expect these organizations as members of both both AANR and AANR-West, to follow some general principles.

Nudists Have the Right to Privacy

No one has to tell anyone else their name, occupation, or where they live. They have the right to sit by themselves and enjoy the day without having others invade their space.

If someone does decide to interact and enjoy the day with others (most people do!) one of our basic tenants is “No means no,” which means if a person indicates by either words or body language they are not interested in associating with another person, the other person must back off.

If the person does not back off, try to handle the situation yourself by telling the person you are not interested. If that doesn't work, you can talk to the management and ask for them to intercede. Some people may not like to complain and “get the other person in trouble.” Nothing could be further from the truth. Stand up for yourself!

These situations do not happen very often, but we want to be sure all of our members and guests understand they have this right to privacy.

Staring or gawking at another person’s body is a major taboo.

Basic Nudist Terminology

Sometimes newcomers are confused by some of the terminology used at nudist venues and events. The terms below should shed a little light on some commonly used terms and help you feel more comfortable during your first visit to an event:


Most nudists practice “dressing for comfort” – putting on or taking off clothing according to weather conditions, for example. However, clothing-free resorts, cruises, etc. expect members and visitors to remain nude as much as possible.