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AANR West Governing Documents

As a non-profit 501(c)(7) California corporation, we are required to make available to our members the tri-annual minutes of our Board of Directors meetings, as well as our financial and other corporate records. Most of those documents are included below, the rest are available upon request.

AANR-West Annual Meeting Documents

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Other Documents

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2021 Documents

2020 Documents

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2017 Documents

Incorporation and Legal Documents

This document was approved by the state of California on May 23, 2005 and is our primary operating document for legal purposes with the Internal Revenue Service. The IRS granted AANR-WEST tax-exempt status in 1994, however, because we are classified as a 501(c)(7) corporation, member dues and donations are not deductible to its members.

AANR-West By-Laws

This document describes how we are to run our day-to-day club including a description of the duties of officers, Board members, and each committee. This document gets amended from time to time as needed. Almost all policy resolutions do not rise to this amendment level, however, and can be found instead in the Minutes of the Board of Directors (see below.)

AANR-West Procedure Manual

The Procedure Manual spells out how we do specific tasks described more generally in the AANR-West By-Laws. Examples: the specific duties of each of the region’s officers, how we run our elections each year, and the specific responsibilities of each of the region’s standing committees.

AANR-West Forms

Most corporations run on forms, and AANR-West is no exception. This document covers everything from how to start a new club and submit membership applications to photo releases, to making parliamentary procedure motions at Board meetings.

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