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Membership Has Its Privileges

At AANR-West we believe that the only way people understand someone else’s way of life is to educate them. We do this through our marketing materials, website and events such as our annual bike ride.

As an organization, we work very hard to maintain our social nudity way of life. We do this by:

  • We advocate for social nudism rights.
  • We promote body acceptance through education and events.
  • We provide a safe environment in which to experience the nudist way of life.

In addition to our advocacy, educational and social happenings, AANR-West members also receive a:

  • 12-month subscription to our monthly newsletter, The Bulletin, and our e-newsletter, the Undressed Press.
  • 10% off savings on any advertising for a business ad in The Bulletin
  • 20% discount on admission fees at other AANR-affiliated clubs. There are over 200 affiliated clubs throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean, and the Philippine Islands.

Members can:

  • Vote in all AANR-West and AANR elections. We are a volunteer-based organization, and we elect from our ranks those who lead us.
  • Attend all AANR-West and AANR conventions and meet members from other clubs and other states and provinces. Meet some of your new best friends for the first time!
  • Help us, through your membership dues and donations, to fight legislation or regulations that seek to restrict our freedom to enjoy social nudity in traditional and appropriate places in private parks, beaches, hot springs, and public lands!
  • Receive advice from our retained legal team should you get a ticket for nudity. In most cases, we cannot represent, but we can advise you if you choose to represent yourself.

Make friendships that will last a lifetime. Contact us today for more information on the benefits of belonging to AANR-West and check out our Calendar of Events and Directory for even more information.