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A Word About the Coronavirus Pandemic


First. this serious health threat has, in a very short amount of time, dramatically affected all our personal lives, from social gatherings to grocery shopping.  Business at our parks had turned from robust to just bust, as people are following the government’s request to stay home. As a result, I have received notification from most of our resorts and non-landed clubs that they are canceling or postponing most (if not all) planned Activities through April and not allowing visitors or non-resident member to have access.  So, what do we do now?

  • Parks should voice a positive message to those residents still around, reminding them to follow good cleanliness and social separation guidelines. Park owners need to be sure all common areas are sanitized frequently. Park owners should assume someone in the park is going to catch the virus and develop a plan for that probability.

  • Some clubs are improvising and creating online events or workshops This sounds like a good idea for women’s groups, naked yoga, or other hobby subgroups (or even the club’s Board of Directors) to use. Check with your club (see Directory) to see if such classes are being offered.

  • For the non-resident members of clubs, this may be a great time for members to use the money they might otherwise have spent on a gate fee or restaurant meal to instead buy something from the club’s online store if one is available. It will help make a small dent in the club’s overhead until this crisis has passed.

  • If your park or club is closed and you have access to an isolated beach or hiking trail, go take a nude walk away from everyone and everything. The Vitamin D will do your body good and the change of scenery will be good for the brain.

  • At the very least it is always a great time to enjoy being nude inside one’s own home or backyard within your immediate family

  • And remember: the American Red Cross badly needs blood donations from those able to give. Meanwhile, local non-profit groups nonprofit organizations also need financial support. Go check them out.


In closing, I also ask that we all use our heads. Continue to follow good cleanliness guidelines such as frequent and thorough hand cleaning, keeping social distances, etc. I have faith we WILL get through this, our chosen way of life will continue, and our clubs return to normal where we can all share our individual stories and laugh again. But it is going to be a weird couple of weeks for sure!


Gary Mussell, AANR-West President

April 1, 2020



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Benefits of

We’re fun to be around. We respect each other’s privacy. Our members include people of all sizes, shapes, ethnicities, and religions. We protect your rights to social nudity and much more.


Directory of AANR-West

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Whether you reside in the western U.S., Western Mexico or even the Philippines, AANR-West has a club, park or resort near you. Check out our directory now.



Nudity: True Body Acceptance Will Set You Free

“We ought to be able to be comfortable being naked, and it doesn’t have to be about sex.”


– Patricia Arquette, Actress


Our thoughts exactly!


AANR-West is a coalition of about thirty clubs. That means you choose the amount of clothing or lack of it that you wear. No judgments here! We want you to enjoy our events and activities without worrying about what you’re wearing or how your body looks. It’s all about body confidence.


According to a 2015 Zogby poll of American adults, 35% had gone skinny dipping at least once, and a whopping 73% believed individuals should be able to enjoy nude sunbathing at a location designated for that use.


We agree! You have rights over your body, whether its choosing to take a swim au naturel, play tennis or go on a hike. As a clothing-optional nonprofit organization–501 (c) 7, AANR-West (American Association for Nude Recreation, Western Region) advocates for nudity and nude recreation in appropriate settings. We organize social events for our members. We educate and inform our members and those in the greater community about our way of life. Begin living a freer life.  Call us today and find out how you can start enjoying a world of family-friendly nude recreation.


If you haven’t experienced the pure freedom of reading, hiking, bicycling, swimming, sunbathing or just being in the nude or have and want a safe environment in which to practice your way of life, AANR-West is here for you. Our events are focused on good, healthy family fun.


AANR West provides education to our members about the areas where they can pursue their activities out of harm’s way, the legislation that may affect them and what their rights are.  We also reach out to the greater community, many who view nudism or clothing optional groups as outcasts.

Find your place in the sun and celebrate!

Stay true to yourself, join the American Association of Nude Recreation  today!


We Call Ourselves a Lot of Names

But nudist colony or nudist camp haven’t been correct descriptions for decades. Our organization now prefers terms such as nudist clubs, parks or resorts. We refer to ourselves as naturists, nudists, members of clothing optional organizations, who believe in top freedom, social nudism, family nudity and other basic human rights.

Find your true self at AANR-West.

Feel the Freedom!

Nudism is Family-Friendly

There is a misconception that nudity and lewd behavior go hand in hand. Let us assure you that wearing tight-fitting clothing or being scantily clad is much more erotic than wearing nothing at all. We have an ethics and behavior code that we expect all our members and attendees at our events to follow. Although each club has its own rules, some of the more commonly accepted behaviors include sitting on a towel (for hygienic reasons), and no gawking or photography allowed. Anyone in violation of the rules will be asked to leave immediately. Our goal is to help you further your sense of self-acceptance and to enjoy life au natural. That also means giving others the space to do so too.


Stay true to yourself, join the American Association of Nude Recreation  today!


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