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Naturist can make a sport out of almost any activity. While most of the sports/activities are intended to promote health and well-being, some go a bit further in that they provide support for the local community. Naturists participate in many of the sports/activities that you might find on any beach or at any recreational club. These may include less vigorous activities such as sowing circles, cards, book clubs, pot luck dinners, yoga, or board games. Of course, the idea is to create the opportunity for social engagement and relaxation. In addition to these activities, there are opportunity to work up a sweat. These might include: volley ball (sand, hard court or water), tennis, pickle ball, bocce ball, bicycling and 5k run/walk events. These may be organized and competitive or just for fun.

Most importantly you are not expected to participate in any sport. If you want to simply lay around the pool, soak up the sun, read or simply chat with friends (new and old), we probably consider that to be a sport, as well. Just enjoy!

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Southern California Summer Nudist Games

An excellent example of a highly organized event is the Annual Southern California Summer Nudist Games. Click on any event below to get details of each event.

Water Cup Relay

Up to four teams can participate. Each team must have at least 8 people. Each team will form one line sitting down, back to front. There will be a bucket filled will water in front of the first person and an empty bucket behind the last team member. At the word “Go” the first person will fill the cup (provided by the games committee) from the bucket, and then pass it over their head to the person behind them, and so on. The last person will pass the cup over their head and empty the cup the bucket behind them then pass the cup forward so it can be refilled and the process repeated. Once the bucket is filled to the designated marking, that team is the winner. Oh, did I forget to tell you the cup has holes in the bottom. The members of the winning team receive 3 points each. The second-place team members receive 2 points each. The members of the third-place team receive 1 point each.