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May 2022


In May and June, AANR members will have two ways to vote: online or by phone. Instructions will be coming soon.

For now, if you want to vote online AANR must have your correct email address. If you have changed, forgotten, or never received an email from AANR you will need to call 1-800-879-6833 to provide a current email address. As always member privacy is AANR's highest priority. AANR will never share your email address with anyone, and you will not receive "spam" from AANR. If you choose to use online voting, it is secure and easy, telephone voting is still available.

AANR will be using a firm called Vote-Now to provide election services this year. Vote-Now will be communicating with members about voting, so don't be alarmed when you get something in your email from Vote-Now.


AANR cannot stress enough the importance of getting an email address for each individual member. you will need a valid email for voting purposes and to receive communications from the Vote-Now system.

A voter's guide and voting instructions will be included in the May issue of the Bulletin. There you will find candidate information and proposed legislation. The guide will also be available in the member's section of



Saturday, June 4th we highlight our court by hosting an open tournament.  Newcomers and members are welcomed to join in the play to a cheering crowd.  Don’t know the game?  No worries, our members are happy to teach you the rules.  Don’t forget to bring a dish for the weekly, Saturday, 6:30 pm potluck!


Founded in 1948, as a cooperative membership club on 80 acres of wooded land at the end of a canyon, Sequoians is a clothes-free club of friendly people in Castro Valley.  A gem of nature, Sequoians is gearing up for a celebration of 75 years!  Saturday, June 25th, starts with a Hill Club hike at 11:30 and more guided hikes throughout the day. The Tiki Bar opens at noon with snacks available. BYO lunch. Dance on the lawn with our own DJ Ratman from 1 to 5.  The 6 pm catered dinner, including appetizers, features live music by R J Hass Band for a celebratory Clubhouse Party.  RSVP for the $25 dinner and dance at (510) 582-0194 or


The wildflowers are in blossom.  The sky is wisps of cotton on a sunny, azure blue backdrop.  Scrub jays, orioles, and juncos sing melodies for the hiker who stops to smell the sage and bay leaves.  With 7 hiking trails (6 allow full nudity) and access to two adjacent regional wildernesses, Sequoians offer 30-minute strolls to 1+ hour climbs.  Enjoy the 360° view from the bay to the inland. “After a day’s walk, everything has twice its usual values” G.M. Trevelyan.  Guided hikes and a trail map are available.


Glen Eden Sun Club Womens Open House

Glen Eden Sun Club Event

Club Spotlight

Northern California Exposure

Northern California Exposure (NCE) is a family-oriented non-landed group of social nudists affiliated with the American Association for Nude Recreation (AANR).

Members of this organization believe in the wholesomeness and natural beauty of the human body. We view nudism as a natural state and believe that nudity is healthy and acceptable for social interaction. We believe nudism results in a positive self-image and promotes healthy attitudes towards people as individuals.

“After my morning in the buff, I’m calling BS on “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”. Going naked with three strangers showed me that beauty is entirely mine to own.”—Jo Stanley

Club Spotlight

Canyon State Naturists

We would like to thank you for visiting our website and hope that you will browse our pages with an open mind.  We are here to introduce you and others to a clothing-optional concept in recreation.  We invite you to learn about the real meaning of the Naturist lifestyle.

Canyon State Naturists and naturism is not about sexually explicit material or titillating pictures.  If this is what you are seeking, you will not find it here.  We honor and respect the integrity of each of our members.  Naturism is not about eroticism or sexuality.  Naturism is an appreciation of the artwork of the human body and its harmony with nature.  Please browse our pages.  We think you will find an aspect of naturism which may surprise you in a way you had not thought about.  We enjoy nature in a relaxed, clothes-free healthy atmosphere, accompanied by others who are like-minded friendly people.

2022 WINR Paint and Sip Event

The first in-person WINR event, a “Paint and Sip Party,” was held on Saturday, April 23rd, in Utah in conjunction with the Southern Utah Naturists Society (SUNS).

The SUNS travel club was chosen to recognize the clubs that are growing and sharing nudism with others without the benefit of a resort. In addition, the SUNS expressed interest in co-hosting a women’s event when the time came for an in-person event.

The turnout was smaller than expected – there were four women - however, those who came were extremely excited about the event and getting together with other women.

After a brief Introduction and Welcome, sign-in, and explanation of the Photo Release, a lovely luncheon was held outside on the patio to benefit from the warm sun that appeared after the previous day of rain.

After the delicious lunch courtesy of the SUNS, the ladies took their places at the table, which was arranged with an easel, canvas, paints, paintbrushes, and an apron if you wanted to wear one. Read more


Hello all, and welcome to "The WINR Wire," a monthly column coming to you from the Women in Nude Recreation – Western Region. We hope "The WINR Wire" will be of interest to everyone, even though many of the topics may be of particular interest to our female readers. So enjoy! Please send any comments or suggestions to us at We'd love to hear from you!

Well, it's easy to see that springtime in the AANR-West region is in full swing. As the weather warms, the trees bud, and the daffodils bloom, our minds may turn to gardening, hiking in the woods, outdoor sports, or maybe some skinny dipping at the pool.

If you haven't already tried skinny dipping at an AANR club or resort, now is the time to take the plunge. There is nothing more invigorating and refreshing than the feel of cool water caressing your skin - ALL of your skin. No textiles to disrupt the flow. And swimming without the restrictions of swim trunks binding on your legs or bra straps digging into your shoulders makes a skinny dip in the pool pure heaven. And here's the best part – when it's time to relax poolside, NO soggy, cold swimming suit clinging to you for the next hour and no tan lines. But, of course, don't forget the sunscreen! Read more

2022 WINR Paint and Sip Event


DeAnza Springs Resort Memorial Day Weekend

DeAnza Springs Resort Memorial Day Weekend

Mira Vista Line Dance Lessons

Mira Vista Resort Line Dance Lessons

I tried cooking in the nude (so you can too)

Is it the nudist life for me?

For many people, unclothing is a daily after-work ritual. Pre-pandemic, they would ceremoniously remove stuffy office attire, unhook the bra and shake off the underwear. Finally, breathe. Now, for many of us, the only boundaries are scheduled Zooms.

I’m not nude-averse per se, but years of underlying body insecurities and a strict aversion to the cold prompt me to cling to clothing with an iron fist. I’ll strip down; just let me keep my socks and underwear. I need that security and warmth.

To get naked is an innately human desire, though. More than 10 million Americans identify as nudists (not including those who simply enjoy wandering around their apartments in the nuddy). The networks keep feeding us TV shows like Dating Naked and Naked and Alone. Is it time I hardened up and undressed? Read more


“Nakedness should never be discouraged…the very fact that the law does not permit exposure of certain sex organs is bound to give children a warped attitude toward the human body.”—A.S.Neill

CHEEK OF IT The Spanish nudist beach which is the largest in the world – complete with naturist bars and hotel

The Vera Playa Naturist zone was declared in 1979, and has remained that way ever since.

While elsewhere in Spain, a "no swimsuit day" is held across many beaches in mid-July, Vera lets you go without 365 days a year.

The 2km of beach lets tourists go completely naked, with a nudist bar also on-site although most establishments require clothes to be back on by 8pm.

There is even the Vera Playa Club - the first naturist hotel in Spain, with a swimming pool if you don't want to brave the beach without a swimsuit.

And you can't wear a swimsuit even if you want to - the website states: "Guests must be nude in the pool area at all hours."

However, it says it is optional elsewhere, but being naked in the restaurant is banned, as well as taking pictures or videos.

Some of the supermarkets and shops even welcome naturists in Vera along with other apartments and campsites and the streets within the area.

Make sure you head to the correct section of the beach though - it is split into the north and south section, with the south section for clothed bathers. Read more

AANR Education Foundation

The AANR Education Foundation is a charitable partner of AANR, the American Association for Nude Recreation. The Foundation provides grants and scholarships to organizations and individuals that support the Foundation's goals and objectives, which are to educate the public about the values and benefits of nude recreation and to ensure an understanding of nudism and its rightful status as a social and recreational practice.

The AANR Education Foundation is classified as a 501(c)(3) charitable organization by the Internal Revenue Service. This status means that contributions and bequests are tax-deductible. Individuals, estates, or business entities who wish to fund programs in support of the Foundation’s goals and objectives, which are to educate the public about the values and benefits of nude recreation, and to ensure an understanding of nudism and its rightful status as a social and recreational practice are tax-deductible. Read more


“Naturism offers a way of being that dares to suggest that who we are without any additions or covering up is all we need to be.”—Philip Carr-Gomm  

The History Of Nudism

In the Beginning…

By Gary Mussell, Moorpark, California

For most of human history, nudity was a natural and normal part of life. People were nude when the environment and conditions favored it. The true foundations of nude recreation and social nudism started in Ancient Egypt under Pharaoh Akhen-Aton (1385 – 1353 B.C.). It was during these times that students in Greece exercised and received their education in the nude. Also, most athletes played in the nude including in the early Olympic Games in Greece. It is this proof that might lead one to assume that the Greeks and Romans lived in a clothing-optional society.

Before the Judeo-Christian-Moslem concept of body shame, most of the tropical and temperate world was one big nudist camp. Greeks and Romans wore clothing when necessary or for certain social functions, but bathing and sports were openly enjoyed while naked. As exhibited by their sculpture and ceramics, the Greeks revered youth and physical fitness. To them, the body was truly a work of divinity to be admired in its entirety. Read more

“For someone to tell me – especially the government – that I have to wear clothes, they’re telling me that I have to be ashamed of myself. Government is mandating that people shame themselves.” —Dan Speers  

Lupin Lodge Yoga

Lupin Lodge Yoga

Glen Eden Sun Club Dare To Bare Nude 5K

Lupin Lodge Yoga