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March 2024


Happy St. Patrick’s Day to all our members and friends! May your day be touched by a bit of Irish luck, brightened by a song in your heart, and warmed by the smiles of the people you hold dear. Whether you’re adorning green, hunting for clovers, or sharing in the joy of the festive spirit, we wish you a day filled with happiness and a heart full of joy. Sláinte!

AANR Scholarship Opportunities Await!

Are you or a loved one part of the AANR family and looking to further your education? Great news is on the horizon! The AANR Education Foundation has announced that the deadline for their scholarship applications is fast approaching on May 1st. This is a reminder that excellence in academics and a commitment to lifelong learning are core values upheld by our community, and now is your chance to make sure that cost doesn't stand in the way of ambitions for higher education.

Who's Eligible?
The scholarship initiative is inclusive, opening doors not just for high school seniors or those obtaining their undergraduate degrees, but for graduate students and trade school attendees as well. If you are an AANR member or the child or grandchild of one, you are invited to apply.

Scholarship Details:
The AANR Education Foundation is offering three levels of financial support for the upcoming academic year:

$1,500 Scholarship
$1,000 Scholarship
$500 Scholarship

These scholarships are designed to provide a financial springboard for students at different stages of their educational journey, ensuring that our members have the support they need to succeed.

Don't Miss Your Chance!
Applications are available online, and we encourage you not to delay. Details and forms can be accessed at It's time to take the next step in your educational journey with the help of AANR.

Remember, the investment in education is priceless, and we are here to support that investment. Mark your calendars and spread the word – May 1st is the deadline!

Let this be the year that you—or a family member—reach new educational heights with the support of the AANR Education Foundation.

Hawaii Spearheads Legislation Reform

On January 18, 2024, a new discussion was catapulted onto Hawaii's legal and societal scene. State legislators, led prominently by Democrat Scott Saiki, presented legislature focused on adjusting indecent exposure laws in both the House of Representatives and the Senate. House Bill 1873 and Senate Bill 2251 hold the promise of transforming the current interpretation of these laws by prioritizing the protection of minors. In doing so, Hawaii aligns itself with a broader national trend, an approach similarly adopted by states such as Wisconsin, where legislative adaptations argue for safeguarding our future generations from exposure to inappropriate adult content.

The Heart of the Matter: Protecting Minors

Among the sweeping changes proposed, the focus on amplifying protections for minors constitutes the soul of these bills. This development revolves around the premise that children, as vulnerable members of society, require stronger shields from potential harm. This commitment is grounded in numerous studies reflecting that early exposure to adult content can lead to psychological distress and severely impact the wholesome development of a child.

The State of the Current Law and the Need for Change

The current landscape of indecent exposure laws in Hawaii, as established by the Hawaii Revised Statutes (HRS), Section 707-734, is riddled with terms open to interpretation and inefficiencies when applied within a contemporary societal scope. It merits review and refinement in light of the evolving socio-cultural dynamics. The modernization of these laws aims to rise above historical limitations, demonstrating a move towards a more inclusive, precise, and effective legal framework.

The Proposed Amendments: A Deep Dive

The proposed changes under HB 1873 and SB 2251 straddle several key points within the current law. While the overarching intent is the protection of minors, some fundamental shifts are stirring the waters of Hawaii's legal seascape. As they stand, these bills are designed to redefine the ambiguous legal terminologies, augmenting the intricacy in defining what constitutes 'indecent exposure'.

Furthermore, they propose exclusions for breastfeeding mothers, aligning the state with a nationwide ethos promoting the natural act of breastfeeding in public. In tandem, they look to assess 'indecent exposure' more context-specific, steering away from blanket definitions to encompass a holistic view of the situation.

The Argument Against the Changes: Wading Through the Waters of Discontent

As with any legislative proposition, there are grumblings against these bills. Critics are voicing concerns about the potential for these bills to encroach on personal liberties and freedoms. Critics fear that the more intricate definitions may lead to unnecessary harassment and the criminalizing of unintended actions. While these worries certainly form part of an important dialogue, the primary focus remains on shaping a healthier environment for the state's children.

Round-Up and Response: The Socio-Legal Perspective

The proposed legislative changes have encouraged voices of opinion from different sectors across Hawaii's vibrant socio-legal scenery.

Enforcement Authorities

Many in law enforcement are in favor of this possible law change, as it not only clarifies grey areas but also gives them more power to protect minors effectively from exposure to nudity.

Legal Specialists

Legal experts remark on the potential impact of these bills on the national stage, as it could lead other states to revisit their laws. According to them, a shift towards more carefully worded laws can pave the way for more effective enforcement and less confusion in the courtrooms.

Advocacy Groups

In addition, advocacy groups representing the rights of children and women are throwing their weight behind these bills. The focus on saving children from exposure to adult scenarios and the rights of breastfeeding mothers is seen as a significant step towards strengthening the legal protections available to both these groups.

Cultural and Social Activists

Many social activists and cultural commentators have also weighed in, lauding Hawaii's attempt to balance progressive change with respect for individuals' rights and cultural sensitivities.

As it stands, the proposed changes are fostering a dialogue about the nature of societal change that is creating waves across the state.

Hawaii’s proposed revisions to its indecent exposure laws reflect an effort to harmonize the law with societal developments, particularly the increasingly prominent theme of protecting children from exposure to adult content. By presenting this legislation, Hawaii is taking a progressive step in redefining what it means to secure a safer upbringing for their children, an act that resonates across the nation.

Whatever the resolution of this legislation, one thing is clear: the conversation it has sparked will continue to shape a narrative around the balancing act between personal freedoms and the need to protect vulnerable social groups in an evolving society.


Women's History Month

This is celebrated during March to align with International Women's Day on March 8th. The first Women's History Week was designated by President Carter in 1980. In 1987, Congress designated March as Women's History Month. The month celebrates the role of women in US history.

March 8 - International Women's Day was first celebrated in 1911 but largely forgotten in the US until 1969. It brings attention to issues such as violence against women, gender equality, and reproductive rights.

March 14 - Pi Day is the celebration of the mathematical constant Pi (π) which starts with


March 17th - St. Patrick's Day, also known as the Christian Feast of Saint Patrick, was originally celebrated to honor the death of St. Patrick, the patron Saint of Ireland. It is a public holiday in Ireland and celebrated widely among the Irish diaspora, including in the US.

March 31 - International Trans Day of Visibility also known as TDOV recognizes the contributions of transgender people to society and raises awareness of the discrimination transgender people face.

Women's History Month: A Timeless Journey of Resilience, Voice, and Empowerment

More than a month-long observance, Women's History Month has become an unparalleled journey. A timeless exploration of the lineage of women, facing turbulent challenges, forging paths, and igniting revolutions.

Since women's roles often faded in the annals of time or were relegated to the sidelines, Women's History Month has emerged as a remarkable chronicle, punctuating the struggle, determination, and extraordinary achievements of women throughout history.

In this blog, we will dive into the vast panorama of the month, intertwining narratives with a wider array of March events, such as International Women's Day, Pi Day, St. Patrick's Day, and International Trans Day of Visibility — all of which serve as reminders to acknowledge, learn, celebrate, and inspire reflection.

Women's History Month: Roots and Wings

The inception of this worldwide phenomenon began as Women's History Week, planted by President Carter in 1980. Prioritized during the second week of March, it coincided with International Women's Day on March 8th.

In a watershed moment for gender equity, Women's History Week continued spreading its wings. In 1987, Congress bestowed upon March the title of Women's History Month, conferring enhanced recognition to the achievements and milestones that shaped this continuous journey.

March 8 - International Women's Day: A Century of Solidarity

Beginning in 1911, the world acknowledged the role of women in shaping societies across continents, and dubbed March 8th as International Women's Day. Although this global commemoration lost traction in the US until 1969, the echoes of solidarity reverberated across the nation.

The occasion actively highlights contemporary challenges, including gender equality, violence against women, and reproductive rights, and pledges to cultivate meaningful change.

The Numinous Significance of March

Women's History Month takes place during a month marked by a diverse range of celebrations. From the ingenuity of Pi Day, the vibrant hues of St. Patrick's Day, to the profound message of International Trans Day of Visibility.

March 14 - Pi Day: Transcending Boundaries

Pi Day, celebrated on March 14th, commemorates the illustrious mathematical constant, Pi (π), beginning with the iconic number 3.14. While it might seem unrelated to the broader themes of Women's History Month, the mathematical community cherishes a plethora of extraordinary female mathematicians who broke stereotypes, transcended boundaries, and significantly contributed to the field—thus making Pi Day a subtle ode to these trailblazers.

March 17 - St. Patrick's Day: A Celebration Across Cultures

One of the most widely known cultural events, St. Patrick's Day, takes place on March 17th. Also called the Christian Feast of Saint Patrick, the day venerates the saint's death and honors his status as the patron saint of Ireland. The celebration traverses borders, resonating particularly among the Irish diaspora in the United States.

March 31 - International Trans Day of Visibility (TDOV): Breaking the Silence

March culminates with International Trans Day of Visibility on March 31st, a key reminder that gender diversity extends beyond binary distinctions. The day lauds the invaluable contributions of transgender individuals while raising awareness of the discrimination they face.

Intersecting, Inspiring, and Empowering One Another

The cornucopia of narratives that converge during Women's History Month amplifies a collective pursuit of knowledge and empowerment through the intersection of multifaceted voices.

Embracing the commemorative events within March, we recognize the extent to which they synergize with Women's History Month. In doing so, we honor the struggles and victories that women — across diverse cultures, social strata, and gender identities — have only achieved through resilience and defiance.

Each celebration brings a renewed consciousness of the potential that lies within the power of unity, collaboration, and unwavering advocacy.

A Call to Action

Throughout March, women's voices merged with a medley of global events that have radically influenced generations of counter-culture. As we come together during Women's History Month, we are left with an urgent question: How can we sustain and amplify this momentum?

Here are a few prompts to consider:

  1. Educate ourselves and others about the incredible women who charted courses, shattered stereotypes, and inspired future generations.
  2. Extend a hand to organizations that advocate for gender equity and champion the rights and well-being of women in our communities.
  3. Mentor, inspire, and support women and girls in our lives to pursue passions, dreams, and aspirations without constraint.
  4. Contribute to the visibility and appreciation of transgender individuals, recognizing their often-overlooked achievements, experiences, and challenges.
  5. Remain vigilant in our efforts to uplift each other, acknowledging that the ultimate power lies in unity and fearless celebration of our diverse, empowering narratives.

Resilience and Empowerment: Cheers to Women Across History and Today

This March, Women's History Month, let us derive strength from our common purpose — to advocate for gender justice and celebrate the women who fought to confront the status quo. Let us cherish the lessons imparted by the women who preceded us and draw wisdom from those yet to come.

Together, we will transform histories into stories of resilience and empowerment, united by hope for a world that transcends boundaries and embraces the many hues of humanity.

Short Story

Naked Campfire

On a crisp autumn evening, a group of friends decided to celebrate their love for naturism by organizing a special campfire gathering. They spent several days exploring the forest and gathering wood for the fire. They found the perfect spot, in the heart of a secluded forest, where they set up camp and prepared for the evening's festivities. They created a cozy circle around the crackling flames, their bodies unburdened by clothing. The warmth of the fire and the cool breeze on their skin made them feel alive and connected to nature. As they shared stories, laughter, and warmth, the dancing firelight cast mesmerizing shadows on their bare skin. They talked about their experiences with naturism and how it had helped them feel more comfortable in their own bodies. They also discussed the importance of respecting nature and the environment. In this moment of connection, they felt the primal energy of nature and reveled in the beauty of their authentic selves, feeling grateful for their friendship and the freedom to be who they truly are.


A personal narrative exploring the intangible but undeniably powerful bond that is shared between mother and daughter, as experienced through their shared love of naturism.

Growing up, my mother was never just 'mom' to me. She was my tutor, confidante, role model, and friend. But there was always a deeper connection between us, something that transcended the typical mother-daughter relationship. Our shared love for naturism, or the practice of going naked in a non-sexual context, is a significant part of this connection.

Naturism presents an opportunity for profound connections to be formed, revealing our true selves, shedding societal constructs, and experiencing a freedom seldom felt in other sectors of our lives. The bond we formed in a naturist environment was something exceptional, grounded in shared values, mutual respect, and fearlessness.

A Shared Love for the Natural

I suppose it all began when I was very young. As a child, I was blessed to own a backyard that was more akin to a small forest. We would spend countless hours exploring, laughing, learning, and more often than not, skinny dipping in our homemade pond during the sweltering summer months. We were in sync with nature, attuned to its rhythms, and infinitely enthralled by its unceasing beauty.

The practice of naturism has long been associated with improved self-esteem, self-acceptance, and respect for the natural world. It was my mother who first introduced this magnificent world to me. She taught me that bodies are beautiful in every shape and size and that it is a unique means through which we can manifest our love and respect for nature.

Living Life in Truth

The raw vulnerability associated with naturism is something remarkably powerful. Stripped of societal pressures to look a certain way or conform to certain standards of beauty, we found ourselves baring not just our bodies, but our souls before each other.

Each summer, our impromptu skinny dips evolved into regular nudist excursions, eventually sparking a tradition of visiting nudist colonies during our annual vacations. At home, we often went clothing-optional, embracing nudity as a lifestyle rather than a radical act.

These experiences played an essential role in fostering a robust emotional bond between us. When one strips away the physical and metaphorical layers that society imposes, the doors are opened wide for honest communication. Those open discussions about body image, natural beauty, and personal growth were the pillars that bolstered the foundations of our relationship.

Breaking the Mold

Embracing naturism wasn’t just about being naked; it was a proclamation of our refusal to be tied down by society's expectations. Generations of women have been taught to cover their bodies, to be ashamed of them, lest they invite unwarranted attention. My mother and I chose to break free from these age-old prejudices, embracing our natural bodies, and celebrating the beauty of human form in its purest, most natural state.

In doing so, we cultivated a relationship marked by unparalleled transparency, trust, and understanding. We were able to express our insecurities and hopes without any fear of judgment. It became increasingly clear that our nakedness wasn’t our vulnerability. Rather, it was our strength, our shield against the world’s judgmental perspectives.

Bridging the Gap

In the world of naturism, age seems to lose its significance. As my mother and I immersed ourselves in the nudist lifestyle, we discovered that the age gap that traditionally divides a mother and a daughter disappeared. Naturism allowed us to connect on a level that often eludes most adults and their children.

We weren't just mother and daughter—we were two women sharing a unique experience, navigating a path less trodden. We shared a mutual respect for the courage we each had to bare our true selves, unfettered by the coverings of the material world.

Weaving Lifelong Lessons

Through our naturist journey, my mother bestowed upon me some of life's most important lessons. She taught me to respect my body, and to understand that it isn't an object of shame but a masterpiece of natural art. She taught me to love myself the way I am, regardless of the changing perceptions of beauty in the world.

These lessons weren't just confined to my personal life; they held profound implications for the way I treated others, fostering empathy, acceptance, and kindness toward those around me.

If not for these shared experiences, I may have never understood the boundless beauty of the human body or the true essence of self-love. More than anything else, it’s this priceless learning that will always be an inherent part of my self-discovery journey.

Keeping the Bond Strong

On the surface, naturism might simply be an act of shedding clothes, but it's much more profound than that. It's an act of shedding inhibitions, societal norms, and self-doubts. It was through this shared love for naturism that my mother and I bypassed societal confines, building a special mother-daughter bond.

Our journey started as a child and her mother exploring the wonders of their backyard, and it has evolved into a life-long practice of self-acceptance and mutual respect. This deep connection, shaped by our naturist experiences, continues to serve as the foundation of our relationship.

As two women, two partners in the journey to self-discovery, and two nudists at heart, our bond is unyielding. It has nurtured invaluable lessons of love, respect, and gratitude - lessons we are eager to pass on to future generations.

Naturism, for us, has always been about freedom - the freedom to live honestly, the freedom to communicate without barriers, and most importantly, the freedom to love and appreciate ourselves and each other, unconditionally. Our bond, much like naturism, defies social norms, challenging the constructed boundaries that society imposes. It is unique, authentic, and innate—just as nature intended it to be.

Journey with Andee Rogers: A Unique Imperfect Tour

Join Andee Rogers as she embarks on the Imperfect Tour, collaborating with Women in Nude Recreation (WINR) on Wheels. Follow their journey around the country's Western half, where they connect with women across various American Association for Nude Recreation (AANR) clubs. Experience the camaraderie, empowering narratives, and uplifting atmosphere as they visit diverse groups, like the Dragonfly Ladies group in Altadena, CA. Be part of the transformative experiences, engaging conversations, and exciting events that showcase the strength and positivity within the women in the naturist community. To delve more into these unique stories and join them on this inspiring expedition, visit ImPerfect Tour | WINR (

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