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July 2022


AANR Western Region 2022 Summer Convention

The AANR West Board of Directors would like to invite all members to join us for the AANR Western Region 2022 Summer Convention at Laguna Del Sol beginning on Friday, July 29th and running through Sunday, July 31st.

Laguna Del Sol has scheduled many activities for the weekend to keep everyone busy and out of trouble. AANR West is sponsoring a pool party with a DJ on Saturday afternoon along with yoga and other activities. You will also see many of the board members assisting Laguna Del Sol's staff to ensure the weekend runs as smoothly as possible for the resort.

Our goal for the weekend is to hold our regular business meetings during the AM of each day so we have the afternoon and evenings to meet and enjoy time with the many members that will be joining us at Laguna Del Sol.

We encourage everyone to get involved. Our meetings are open to the general membership. This is a great opportunity to see what we are doing and what we have planned for the future. As the board prepares for the 2022-2023 term, we will welcome any questions or concerns that you may have during our meetings. We also welcome any suggestions you have to assist the board in making future decisions.

We look forward to seeing everyone at the end of the month.

Nature, nudity and reconnection captured in rare photos of Rainbow Gatherings

In 1986, photographer Joth Shakerley attended his very first Rainbow Gathering. It was an experience that would change the course of his life, and now, more than 36 years later, he is finally sharing the photos he’s captured of the people who make it so magical.

At just 20 years old, Joth was encouraged to go to his first Rainbow Gathering by a “beautiful hippy chick” at a Hare Krishna temple in Los Angeles where he often went to enjoy free food on a Sunday. After hearing about this free-thinking community, he and three friends cruised up the Pacific Coastal Highway towards the rugged mountains of Big Sur where the gathering took place, completely unaware of how transformative the event would be.

“It was an invitation that changed my life completely. As you arrive, everyone’s welcomed home, everybody hugs you and you’re offered anything you want to eat or drink.” While there aren’t any rules as such at Rainbow Gatherings, people are asked not bring drugs or alcohol as they can change the energy of what’s supposed to be a sacred, healing space. Read more



Can you name the event that took place in 2018 that inspired 2505 women to “skinny dip” at Meaghermore Beach, Ireland?  The event was “The Great British Skinny Dip,” one of the first International Skinny Dip Day gatherings and the largest one to take place to date.

International Skinny Dip Day was started in 2018 by the American Association for Nude Recreation as the final day of National Nude Recreation Week, which has been an AANR tradition for 43 years.  International Skinny Dip Day is always on the second Saturday of July.  This year that falls on July 9.  So get ready to bare it all and join the fun!

International Skinny Dip Day is the perfect opportunity to shed the bathing suit and try skinny dipping for the first time or enjoy it once again.  Check out your nearest AANR-West club for Skinny Dip Day events or create your own.  Many first-timers have found it incredibly fun and adventuresome to find a secluded spot to skinny dip.  Some opt to wait until the cover of darkness to swim nude, which can be a little more romantic for couples.  If you host your own skinny dip event, just be sure you are aware of local rules and restrictions concerning public nudity. Read more

“Warning: Clothing has been shown to cause extreme psychological I dependence. Wear it at your own risk…”

The Private Lens Empowers Women to Feel Good About Their Bodies Through Fine Art Nude Photography

SANTO DOMINGO, Dominican RepublicApril 20, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- For the last five years, boudoir and fine art nude photography digital magazine, The Private Lens, has been empowering women around the world and helping them build confidence by feeling good about themselves and their bodies.

"The Private Lens is a members-only weekly magazine of fine art and nude photos. Many models have stories on how the website has empowered their lives to help build confidence," said The Private Lens founder and fine art nude and portrait photographer Oliver Dominguez.

For many people including men and women, being photographed naked is inhibiting. Once they overcome their shyness, they start to become more confident about themselves. Read more


This new theater show features an entirely naked cast

Although the cast of Freedom Dance—a new show by Andy Golub scheduled to play at the Gene Frankel Theatre at 24 Bond Street on June 2 through June 5—is going to be completely naked, the point isn't to shock New Yorkers. There is, in fact, meaning to nakedness.

"The nude form is used to effectively strip away societal roles, statuses and stigmas," reads an official description of the 90-minute production. "Naked theater reminds us of the essential humanity that we all share." And, given the whirlwind two years we've just had, a reminder that we are basically all the same sounds like a rather good message.

The show is made up of a series of playful scenes that work in and of themselves but also coalesce into a larger "existential story about coping in our current world." The various vignettes include "Fire and Water Dance," "Original Music," "Poetry," "Existential Swim" and even a live painting session. Read more

Of all the things that offend you, the nude body shouldn’t even be on the list. Live nude without shame.

Nude Pickleball Is Taking Off

Nude pickleball is … er, um … busting out all over.

Naturist resorts from coast to coast are finding out that nudists want more pickleball – just like the majority of people who don’t do their dinking in the raw.

Nude pickleball is beating the pants off its competition.

Clothing-optional resorts are advertising their pickleball facilities, holding tournaments, and putting in more courts to meet the demand.

Mike Sullivan is a USA Pickleball ambassador and a resident of Cypress Cove Nudist Resort in Kissimmee, Florida.

“Pickleball is the biggest sport here by five times,” Sullivan said. Read more


Over 200 cyclists turn out for Milwaukee’s second annual World Naked Bike Ride 2022

The weather didn’t deter bikers from showing up and showing out at Milwaukee’s second annual World Naked Bike Ride on Saturday. 

As clouds rolled in over the city, over 200 riders still congregated to celebrate the nudist event of the summer. The clothing-optional, “bare as you dare” bike ride began at 4 p.m., with the route passing the Milwaukee Art Museum, the War Memorial Center, and going around the Lakeshore State Park twice. 

“This is a rain or shine event. So unless there is a tornado in the city, we’ll ride!” organizers told participants ahead of the event. 

The Milwaukee Naked Bike Ride joins a worldwide movement that has taken place in over 200 cities from London to Madison. First held in 2004 in Canada, the event was created by social activist, filmmaker and writer Conrad Schmidt to protest against oil dependency and to celebrate the human body. Read more

Naturist Hub – A Social Network For Nudists

It’s About Time the Naturist Community Had its Own Social Network!

“The Official Social Network of AANR”

Naturist Hub is an invite-only online community for all people who enjoy wholesome nude recreation with #NoPorn & #NoHate allowed and is 100% Free to Join!

Why Naturist Hub?

It’s no secret that the big public networks do not want Naturists on their networks. However, we think Nude Recreation is non-sexual, wholesome and healthy and deserves its own social network without the porn, swingers and creeps found other so-called “naturist communities” not aligned with AANR values. Read more