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Can you name the event that took place in 2018 that inspired 2505 women to “skinny dip” at Meaghermore Beach, Ireland?  The event was “The Great British Skinny Dip,” one of the first International Skinny Dip Day gatherings and the largest one to take place to date.

International Skinny Dip Day was started in 2018 by the American Association for Nude Recreation as the final day of National Nude Recreation Week, which has been an AANR tradition for 43 years.  International Skinny Dip Day is always on the second Saturday of July.  This year that falls on July 9.  So, get ready to bare it all and join the fun!

International Skinny Dip Day is the perfect opportunity to shed your bathing suit and try skinny dipping for the first time or enjoy it once again.  Check out your nearest AANR-West club for Skinny Dip Day events or create your own.  Many first-timers have found it incredibly fun and adventuresome to find a secluded spot to skinny dip.  Some opt to wait until the cover of darkness to swim nude, which can be a little more romantic for couples.  If you host your own skinny dip event, just be sure you are aware of local rules and restrictions concerning public nudity.  

“Skinny dip” is a fairly recent name for an age-old activity.  The term wasn’t coined until around 1947, but people, young and old have been enjoying the refreshing fun of experiencing it since the beginning of mankind.  Benjamin Franklin, one of our country's founding fathers was a fan of skinny dipping, as was our 6th president, John Quincy Adams.  Swimming nude in the Potomac River was his primary source of exercise.  A survey conducted by Miss Travel magazine found that more than 70% of travelers polled had taken the nude plunge.

International Skinny Dip Day has become such a popular event that international groups have started challenging each other to host world-record-breaking events.  The Great British Skinny Dip may not hold the record of 2505 participants for long!

Not only is skinny dipping a lot of fun and very refreshing, it also offers some health benefits.  Science tells us that spending 15 minutes with the sun shining on your entire body can be a great immune booster.  Swimming or other activities that cause you to perspire flush toxins from your body, especially if clothing is not hindering the flow of sweat.  Experiencing life’s normal activities sans textiles gives us a whole new perspective of our bodies and allows us to accept and feel more positive about our bodies.

When skinny dipping, you can also forget about a cold, wet bathing suit clinging to you for an hour or two afterward.  After a few minutes in the sun, your skin is dry and ready for a re-application of sunscreen.  No sandy or smelly swimsuits to rinse out and hang to dry, either.

Whether you attend a large International Skinny Dip Day event or create a private one, make a commitment to skinny dip on June 9th!  You’ll have a great memory to look back on and possibly the beginnings of a freer lifestyle ahead of you.  Enjoy!