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December 2022


The holiday season is a time for enjoying the simple things that make life beautiful. May you have great memories that will permanently touch your heart. We wish you so much joy during this season and all through to the New Year.

Is everyone a nudist?

If, after my shower and in the privacy of my own home or room, I choose not to get dressed does that make me a nudist?

Technically yes, but no more than you are a trainspotter if you watch more than one train go past. The reality is that everyone is born a nudist. We enter this world without a stitch on and being naked is our natural state. We are all naked beings. Clothing is an artificial construct that allows us to live in parts of the planet that would be inhospitable to humans otherwise. Clothing has evolved into more than just protection from the harsh elements, and now carries with it huge social messaging about identity, even status.

Most people will not identify as a nudist, even if they enjoy sitting naked after showering. Read more


“I simply can’t understand, why swimsuits are in such demand, they’re soggy and damp, bind like a clamp, and hold about three pounds of sand!” D.R. Benson

10 Nudist RV Parks in America to Unveil

Want to plan the best relaxing vacation? Check out these top nudist RV parks across America and learn how liberating your vacation can be!

The goal for any vacation is to let loose and relax—what better way to relax than by visiting a nudist RV park and connecting with nature.

The nudist movement can be traced back to 19th century Germany. Going nude meant you were embracing a more “simplistic, nature-based lifestyle.”

Fast-forward to today, and the nudist community is still going strong across the globe! You’ve probably heard of nudist beaches and resorts. A nudist resort is a vacation spot that offers unique, clothing-optional amenities to interested guests.

The way a resort approaches nudism varies from one location to the next. Some resorts might offer clothing-optional recreation while others are built around nudist culture and community! Read more


“Man is the sole animal whose nudity offends his own companions, and the only one who, in his natural actions, withdraws and hides himself from his own kind” Montaigne

OMFG! My Colleagues and Students Know We are Nudists!

Are you still weirded out by my naked arse?

No worries – you don’t have to see it!

Actually, we much prefer the term “naturists.” But I’ll get to that later.

If this post ever finds its way online, that will be the result of taking my blog of the last ten years – The Meandering Naturist – back onto the airwaves. A move I have contemplated at length since I flipped off the switch about six months ago.

For long-time followers, you may recall the kerfuffle about a colleague losing their cool over the discovery of my naked ass on the internet. Allegedly, a student was “deeply concerned” about said anatomical discovery and it was strongly suggested by my administrator that I simply “make it go away” – which I did with haste. Mine is a very public life once I get up in the morning and put clothes on, and while I was all about fighting for a cause I believe in with all my being – that being naturism Read more


Do we need to change our minds?

For me, one of the curious things about writing these blogs is that I never really know how they are going to be received. I hope that they will get a positive response, but I am never quite sure until I post the work and the comments come in.

Thankfully, most comments have been positive to date, and I am grateful for that.

Some of the responses I get are a few kind words, but occasionally I get a lengthy and considered response, which encourages me as I feel people are giving the topics some serious thought.

In April, I received a reply from a New Zealand based reader, with some astute observations and a simple solution to improving the acceptance of the naturist philosophy.

To my shame, I replied that I thought he made valid points and should write a blog, without realizing that he already did. I have added his blog to the growing list of reading that I do.

Anyway, to cut a long introduction short, the comment made was: Read more


The Future of the International Naturist Federation

Canada, August 2018: We were sipping a glass of wine under the warm sun with Stéphane Deschênes, owner of Bare Oaks Family Naturist Resort near Toronto. The resort where we were staying at the moment. We told him about our plans to visit the World Congress of the International Naturist Federation and how excited we were to get an idea of how naturism is organized worldwide. Stéphane had experience as a board member of the INF-FNI until he decided to step down a couple of years earlier. His advice was “don’t get too excited, you might end up very disappointed”.

Portugal, October 2018: During the last months, more people with experience in the INF-FNI had brought our excitement to a lower level. They had told us to expect verbal fights and negativity. The rivalry between the federations and the board and among the federations themselves. We had been hearing rumors about stolen elections, abuse of power, and many tears. Everything that does not fit in the naturist ideology. They had prepared us for the worst, and we’re happy they did because it was not a beautiful thing to see. Read more


Every day is a new day, every day can be a nude day. Here's how!

You can choose to embrace nudity. You can choose to be a nudist. You can choose naturism as your preferred lifestyle. Well, I don’t think you can but could, should, and even must! Nudism or naturism is an incredible lifestyle. Natural, comfortable, and totally normal! As you can probably guess, I’m bare-naked as I’m writing this post in my home office. Not only, but it’s also my most comfortable outfit, it’s the one I choose daily by default, which makes it a no-choice decision, as it’s my default way of being.

If you’re a nudist or a naturist, whatever you call yourself, or just don’t put a nude label on you and just appreciate nudity, I wanted to share four simple actions you can take, daily, to enjoy more nude time and live a free life without the constraints of clothing. Up to a point where you can spend days without wearing any clothes and enjoy a wonderful nudist life. Get set, go! Read more,

“Forcing Americans to always wear clothing while swimming or sunbathing even in designated or secluded areas is as bad as forcing women to always wear burkhas.” Corky Stanton


How did COVID influence naturism

Next month, it will be three years since COVID was first discovered. Can you imagine? Three years! How much has happened since then? Who would have guessed that this little bugger would turn our lives upside down and back. We still haven’t gotten rid of it, and as things seem now, maybe we never will. But if there’s one thing that humans are good at, it’s adapting to new circumstances. We just found ways to live with this new threat in our lives.

We like to believe that every crisis creates opportunities and throughout the whole pandemic we’ve been looking at how COVID did or did not have an influence on naturism. At first, it didn’t look good at all, at least not through our own eyes, the eyes of naturist travelers. Read more


When Naturism Gets Misunderstood

We are starting out this post with a video that shows what can happen when naturism gets misunderstood. The following video includes nudity. If you’re on this site, that shouldn’t bother you, but if it does, I’ll include the transcript after my comments and reaction to the video below.

In the video, Dan asks a great question that would naturally bring more questions to the surface that perhaps have never been considered before by those who are misunderstanding. However, I want to focus my comments on the story Dan told. This story is so sad to me. I get it! A little too much. I admire a couple of things about Dan in this regard. Number one, he is absolutely honest about who and what he is. This obviously has come up to bite him and others that have had similar experiences. That’s why it’s a bit of a risk to be that upfront with everyone. In this case, the church lost a great volunteer using his gifts for the good of those in the church. It’s so sad that a, well, at least we know it to be an unwarranted worry would prevent a believer from sharing his abilities with others. The second thing I appreciate about Dan is his apparent lack of resentment towards those who made this decision on his regard. I’m sure he’s probably had to work out his frustration and anger towards these people who are simply trying to do what they think is best, even though they are mistaken. I did not detect any ill will towards these leaders on Dan’s part, and that is admirable. Read more


Naked In Freezing Water:

Stepping into the ice getty

Although swimming naked in cold water during the hardest days of winter could seem like an activity for the brave at heart, it’s a growing trend gaining momentum among everybody over the age of 16 around Europe.

The main reasons for the popularity of what’s known as ‘Viking style swimming’—in addition to its daring nature and the simple thrill—are the mental and physical health benefits attached to immersing oneself into freezing water for one or two minutes at a time. Read more


Get Naked Australia cruise in Sydney Harbour sparks upset

A nude cruise has taken to the waters of Sydney Harbour to encourage body positivity and help change the way society views the naked body – but not everyone is on board with the concept.

The cruise by Get Naked Australia, an organization that promotes the practice of being naked in nature, attracted much attention over the weekend.

Supporters have labeled it an act of freedom and good fun, but others accused those involved of being “crazy” with “no shame”.

“No thought for those on the other boats, children, or anyone else for that matter,” one person complained on social media.

“Can’t believe the government has approved such a disrespectful thing,” added another.

“Disgusting, if you call that empowering and freedom,” wrote a third. Read more


Is Nudism "Normal"?

I haven’t counted how many times people have asked me if nudism was normal. I stopped counting as well the number of articles that went over the normality of nudism, whether you should expose your kids to nudity or whether nudists were “normal” people, meaning not suffering from a mental health disorder. My answer to this simple question is Yes, nudism is normal. It’s not only normal, but it’s also natural, it’s healthy, and should be “the norm”. Let’s go through rational and less rational reasons why nudism is normal. Read more


How to find others you can enjoy social nudity with.

You’ve probably heard or learned from experience that the best way to find a new and better job is through information and referrals you get with the help of your existing social network. In just the same way you can find other people, who already - or potentially - share your interest in social nudity.

Thanks for reading Revitalizing Naturism! Subscribe for free to receive new posts and support my work.

Of course, perhaps you’re satisfied with being naked in your own home - provided others you live with don’t object. If there are objections, you don’t have much choice except to look elsewhere for opportunities to be naked. But in any case, there’s so much more enjoyment to be had if you can experience a wider range of naturist activities with others who also enjoy social nudity. Read more

When Lessons Take Longer

In Vitality this week, we asked folks to create a journal and ask themselves the following questions every day:

How did I sleep? (Quality/quantity/wakeups/dreams)
What did I eat before bed and when?
What was my sleep hygiene routine?
What did I learn today about myself, or life? 
What positive things (at least 3) happened for me today?
How did I help/serve/assist today?
What did I do today that moved me toward my goals/mission/purpose?

Sometimes lessons take longer and we keep getting tested. It's practically guaranteed that if you focus on a virtue during the week, opportunities will arrive where that virtue will be needed. It takes discernment to access the wisdom of our intuition and discover what is essential and true. Often, we gloss over issues in our effort to just get through the day, but journaling begs for honesty and contemplative vigilance as we open ourselves to clarity. It also forces us to take the time to realize how many good things really did happen on any given day and to see the good, even in what appears to not be so good. I invite you to try journaling before bed each night and to create patterns of rest and relaxation to allow for sound, peaceful, restorative sleep. Your reward will be an extra hour in the morning starting on Sunday. -Cindy - The GE Wellness Journal


Bring the holidays alive for your nudist friends with these top-rated gifts.

By Kay Nauta

Have you ever wondered what winter would be like if we didn’t have the holidays in November and December?  Many would say it would be less stressful and less expensive.  That may be true, but for nudists and naturists that live for sunshine and the outdoors, winter could be pretty boring and uneventful without the holidays.  When we can’t get outside as often during the colder weather, enjoying all the activities of the holidays is a great way to stay active while indoors.

Baking cookies, hanging decorations and wrapping gifts are all fun indoor activities that can be enjoyed while nude.  And let’s not forget the plethora of holiday movies and music available on all our electronic devices.  Add a warm blanket, fuzzy socks and a cup of cocoa and you’re all set for a relaxing afternoon.

If you feel the need to put on clothing and get out of the house, gift shopping for friends and loved ones is always an exciting adventure.  If you have been wondering what to buy for your fellow nudists, here are some of the top rated gifts:

  1. Personalized butt towel or quick-dry towel. Every nudist needs a butt towel wherever they go and the new quick drying towels are dry and ready for reuse within a few minutes.
  2. Tote bag, fanny pack or money/key holder. Nudists have no pockets in which to carry small items so holders for keys, money, sunscreen, sunglasses etc. are essential. Larger tote bags are also handy for carrying towels, hats, and water bottles.
  3. Personalized or novelty apron. If you’re going to cook or grill au naturel, a chef style apron is a necessity.
  4. Waterproof backpack. This is a great gift for a nudist that enjoys hiking and camping.
  5. Nudist women find a sarong a very versatile item to have. It can be used as a towel, or as a cover up when evenings get a little chilly.
  6. Nudist magazine subscription or book. There are many publications available about naturism, nudism and its history.
  7. Nudists can always use flip flops or water shoes while lounging around the pool or warm slippers for an evening in front of the fireplace.
  8. Hydro flask bottle. These bottles will keep your drinks hot or cold for hours. Use them for coffee, water or margaritas!
  9. Nudist resort day pass. Your fellow nudist will love a day pass to their favorite resort or club.

Happy Holidays!  Merry Christmas!  I wish you all a prosperous and healthy New Year!  However and wherever you spend your winter, spend it with LOVE!


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Although 0.5% may not seem like much at first glance, given that Amazon brings in more than $385 million in revenue each day, the collective dollar amount of charitable donations can really add up.

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When you shop at, you can donate to the AANR Education Foundation, and it won’t cost you anything.

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Search for and select AANR Education Foundation as your charity and from then on, go to to do your shopping.

Want to help nudist youth in their quest to further their formal education while making a tax-deductible donation to a worthy cause?

Click link to find out more AANR Educational Foundation


Uncomfortable Being Comfortable

Last blog from our summer vacation – only took 2 months to unpack… Metaphorically of course. I am an unpack and laundry right away kinda gal. If you forgot how I was accidentally naked – on purpose, I explain it in great detail and vagueness at the same time last week in “Uncomfortable being Comfortable.” If your mouse doesn’t work and you can’t actually click to that link – basically – at a packed hot springs shortly after dinner – my husband forgot to pack my bathing suit – and EVERYONE else is wearing a bathing suit – and instead of making my husband who legitimately forgot a bathing suit to hike 1.5km back to our camp site to grab my suit and hike another 1.5km back – I decided just to own it and be the only one naked (other than my almost always naked husband of course). Caught up to speed? Perfect! Read more


Tumblr says clothing is optional again

The Tumblr logo is displayed, in July 2013, at Nasdaq, in New York. Tumblr, a once-popular social media platform, is again allowing nudity, four years after announcing a ban on explicit content.

Tumblr, a once-popular social media platform, is again allowing nudity, four years after announcing a ban on explicit content.

“We now welcome a broader range of expression, creativity, and art on Tumblr, including content depicting the human form (yes, that includes the naked human form),” the company wrote in a blog post Tuesday.

That content, according to the company, can include “nudity, mature subject matter, or sexual themes,” as long as those posts are tagged with the appropriate community labels, a system Tumblr rolled out in September. However, as the post noted, “visual depictions of sexually explicit acts remain off-limits on Tumblr.” Read more


Generation Z: The Role of Nudity in Improving Mental Health

The findings of a recent national Ipsos poll on attitudes to Naturism show a growing enthusiasm for nude recreation amongst 16–24-year-olds, with 55% having participated in such activities as skinny dipping, nude sunbathing or visiting a Naturist beach/resort. Almost half (47%) of all 16–24-year-olds said they had been naked in the company of others in the past year (excluding partners, family, and healthcare settings), and 23% describe themselves as Naturist or nudist. When similar statistics are examined in older age groups, they are much lower. For example, 4% of 45–75-year-olds describe themselves as Naturist or nudist and only 6% of 45–75-year-olds have been naked in the company of others in the past year. Read more

Director Bio


Linda Weber

Linda Weber has been a member of AANR for three years and is in her second term as a Director for AANR-W.

In 2019, after meeting fellow Board Members Andy Walden and Treena Saavedra on the Bare Necessities Big Nude Boat, she joined AANR and became involved by attending Board meetings. Encouraged by Andy, she joined the AANR-W Board. She also started writing for AANR's "The Bulletin" and sharing her nude journey on social media, where you might recognize her on Twitter and other social media platforms.

Linda works to encourage everyone who wants to learn about nudism, with an emphasis on women. She is a member not only of AANR, but British Naturism, INF through the Irish Naturist Association, and The Naturist Society.

She works with women not only in the AANR-W region but has been recruited to work with women all over the world. She has been featured on British Naturism's "The Forum," talking about her work with women as well as working with the women in South Africa in conjunction with Lana Bothmaof SANNA.

Linda started her writing career many years ago when she adopted an ex-racing greyhound. She highlighted the plight of what happens to ex-racing greyhounds after they are no longer racing and has worked in the US as well as abroad to change the focus from ending their lives to encouraging countries to form greyhound adoption groups to adopt the dogs to loving families.

The focus of her writing now is on nudism. Among her many nudist writings, she has written two stories for the "…in the Nudist Colony" anthology, in which stories were contributed by well-known naturist authors who agreed to donate the entire book's proceeds to Doctors Without Borders. In addition, she has been featured in the UK's H&E Naturist magazine about what is keeping women from considering naturism, as well as the article about the creation of the hashtag #IAmtheFaceofNaturismwhich has gone viral.

When not devoting time to nudist activities, she enjoys traveling the world with her husband, Stan, who is also a nudist. Linda has traveled to 86 countries so far, including all seven continents. In addition, she enjoys her "adrenaline-junkie" moments, such as being a pilot, skydiver, and a certified plunge off a zodiac into 28-degree water in the Arctic Circle, near the North Pole.

If you are interested in following Linda's journey on social media, she is on Twitter: @TrueBlueNude; Naturist Hub: Linda Weber; MeWe: TrueBlueNude Linda Weber

Director Bio


Larry Gould

Larry Gould has been a naturist all of his life. His parents were members of Lupin resort in the late 1940s and early 1950s. He was very proud of his status as a nudist and promotes the lifestyle whenever and wherever he can. He started a non-landed club in Yuma, served on the Board of Directors for Canyon State natures as well as served as their statutory agent. He is currently a director on the AANR-West Board and most recently the Vice-President. He has also been active in promoting the nude use of public lands, including serving as an expert witness in several court cases in Florida and writing articles for the consumption of the National Park Service. He currently lives part-time at Shangri-La Ranch. His favorite song is the Marine Corps Hymn, followed by “Mama Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up to be Cowboys.” Larry is an avid motorcycle rider.

Larry A. Gould is a Professor Emeritus of Criminology and Criminal Justice and retired as the Vice President and Campus Executive Officer of the Yuma Branch Campus of Northern Arizona University. Dr. Gould joined the faculty at NAU in 1991.

Dr. Gould served as a law enforcement officer in Louisiana from 1971 to 1985, working in various assignments including undercover narcotics investigator, street crime prevention officer, accident reconstruction specialist, and SWAT team commander. Dr. Gould received many awards during his career including the Meritorious Service, Purple Heart, and Life Saving Awards from the Louisiana State Police; Meritorious Service to the City of New Orleans (awarded twice); Leadership Award (from the Louisiana National Guard during the New Orleans Police strike); and the American Red Cross Life Saving Award presented by Congressman Henson Moore, on behalf of President Ronald Reagan.

After a career in law enforcement, Dr. Gould graduated from Louisiana State University in 1991, with a Doctorate in Sociology and minors in Criminal Justice and Experimental Statistics. His primary research areas include drug and alcohol, Native Americans, and law enforcement-related issues, in which he has published a combination of more than 40 books, journal articles, book chapters, and published research reports. In recent years, Dr. Gould has been one of the leading researchers on Native American Policing, as well as National Park Service Policing. Recent research projects include studies of Native American Law Enforcement and Assaults on National Park Service Rangers. His most recent publications include an edited volume entitled Native Americans and the Criminal Justice System, a research report concerning the Analysis of Assaults Upon National Park Rangers: 1997 – 2003, and an article entitled “Developing the Interface Between the Navajo Nation Police and Navajo Nation Peacemaking”, written along with Marianne O. Nielsen.

In addition to his work for Northern Arizona University, Dr. Gould also serves as the Executive Director of the Western Social Science Association (2000 to the present).

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