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April 2024


Embracing the Human Form at the World Social Science Association Conference

Special Edition of AANR Online Meet & Greet is brought to you by special consideration of the World Social Science Association.

The academic community is poised to break new ground as the World Social Science Association (WSSA) is set to embrace a topic long dwelling on the periphery of mainstream scholarly dialogue. From April 3-6, 2024, in the bustling heart of San Antonio, Texas, the WSSA will host a set of innovative panels that integrate the philosophy of naturism and social nudity with deep sociological, anthropological, and physiological inquiries.

Pioneering Panels on the Sociocultural Dimensions of Naturism
For the first time in its history, the Sociology and Anthropology Section of the WSSA, in collaboration with the Social Physiology Section, will bring naturism into academic focus. These sessions will feature six research papers across two panels, dissecting various aspects of naturism from a social science perspective.

First Panel Overview: Dynamics of Naturism and Community Ideals
The initiative kicks off with a panel moderated by Richard Dewey of the American Association for Nude Recreation. A known advocate, Dewey will lead a session that promises to unravel preconceived notions about the naturist movement from an academic lens.

Liberating Bodies, Guarding Minds: The Naturist Paradox
The opening presentation by esteemed Professor Emeritus Larry A. Gould from Northern Arizona University probes the delicate balance between physical freedom and mental constraints in naturist communities. Building upon the seminal work of Glenn Smith and Michael King, Gould's research unveils the complexities lying at the intersection of naturism and sexuality. His study critically examines how naturists navigate preserving community values while celebrating bodily liberation.

The Secret Life of Naturists: A Quest for Acceptance
Ronna E Krozy, EdD, RN, will subsequently share her insights on the psyche behind the secrecy that often accompanies a nudist lifestyle. As a retired associate professor from Boston College Connell School of Nursing, Krozy's exploration into the emotional turmoil and societal barriers faced by individuals concealing their naturist identity aims to shift societal discourse towards understanding and inclusivity. Her findings underscore the stark reality of dichotomous living in modern society and the implications for mental and social well-being.

Class, Media, and Naturism: Navigating the Social Maze
Rounding out the first panel, R. Hollyfield of the American Association for Nude Recreation tackles the intricate dynamics of classism within naturism. Her discourse navigates the media's portrayal of naturism and its ongoing battle with voyeuristic associations, further discussing how class barriers persist even within a movement that champions social equality.

Second Panel Overview: Nudism's Social Impact and Historical Context
Following on the critical examination set by the first panel, the second panel delves into other facets of social nudity, including its influence on younger demographics, online community building, and historical perspectives on American nudism.

Nudism and the Formative Years: Impacts on the Youth
Initiating the discussion, Larry A. Gould returns to present compelling research on nudism's effects on children. His research presents evidence suggesting that growing up in a naturist environment may lead to positive developmental benefits, such as delayed sexual activity and a deepened respect between genders.

Digital Naturism: Crafting Online Communities with Care
Continuing the discourse, Thomas Stark of the American Association for Nude Recreation – Western Region will present the challenges involved in constructing digital platforms for naturism-centric organizations. Stark's talk will detail the intricacies of online representation, focusing on how to establish digital spaces that manifest naturist principles ethnically and compellingly, without compromising the community's integrity.

Tracing the Bare Roots: A History of American Nudism
William J. Schroer from the Naturist Action Committee/Naturist Education Foundation will take on the final presentation. This historical analysis will trace the American nudist movement's unique evolution, contrasting it with European naturism and underscoring the cultural factors shaping varied societal relationships with the movement.

Aiming for Informed Dialogue and Societal Shifts
The WSSA meeting stands at the forefront of a potentially transformative dialogue concerning the naturist lifestyle. Each of the presentations is carefully curated to address long-standing misconceptions, foster informed discussions, and bolster a heightened level of acceptance for naturism.

This symposium not only signifies academic recognition of the naturist movement but also an important step toward cultural inclusivity. As society grapples with themes of body positivity, sexual freedom, and societal norms, these panels will unpack the rich tapestry of human behavior, social expectation, and personal freedom.

The upcoming panels at the WSSA meeting are set to be more than mere academic presentations; they are poised to become a watershed moment for the naturist movement within the global social science community. The array of topics promises a comprehensive examination of naturism, offering insights into the lifestyle's profound effects on societal structures, personal identity, and cultural evolution.

As scholars, activists, and attendees prepare to converge upon San Antonio, the anticipation is not just about the academic enrichment that will undoubtedly emerge. It is about the societal doors that these discussions may open, challenging norms, and cultivating a future where the human form, freed from its cultural shackles, can be seen in a new light—accepted, respected, and understood.


Olive Dell Ranch Bare Burro Nude 5K

The 15th annual Bare Burro Nude 5K weekend is a unique and enjoyable event that starts on Friday, April 26, culminating in the main event - the 5K run on Sunday, April 28. In previous years, we've seen up to 350 enthusiastic participants, ranging from serious runners to those simply looking for a fun and different experience.

The weekend is packed with a variety of events. On Friday night, you can showcase your singing talent at our karaoke night. Saturday is filled with numerous sports, recreational activities, relaxation time, and the popular Naked Beer Mile Fun Run which takes place at 3 pm. To end the day, we have the Hollywood Nights theme party in the evening. Dress up or down as you wish and enjoy a night of music, dance, and merriment.

The Bare Burro Nude 5K on Sunday is a standout feature of the weekend. It is a challenging and technical course that runs through the beautiful foothills above Olive Dell Ranch. You have the freedom to partake in the race at your own pace, whether that means running the course like our elite athletes or choosing to walk or jog at a more leisurely pace.

The race is professionally timed, and awards are provided for all top finishers in each age and gender category. Winners can look forward to receiving a pair of ultra-cool Goodr sunglasses, courtesy of their sponsorship of the run.

We value your privacy and ensure that it is strictly maintained throughout the event. We do not share your name or details with anyone except the event organizers. General photography is strictly prohibited, and race results are published using only your first name and last initial.

Participants are required to pre-register for the event. Remember that nudity is allowed anytime, anywhere on the grounds of Olive Dell, and is mandatory in the pool, jacuzzi, and during the Beer Mile and 5K runs.

The event draws a diverse group of participants, with men and women from their teens to their 70’s. We have a large group of elite and competitive runners who participate every year, as well as large groups of recreational runners, and those who come to simply enjoy a naked hike through the hills.

Photography is strictly controlled and only allowed within your immediate group, with the permission of everyone in the photo. Event photographers take finish-line photos for the Beer Mile and 5K and can provide your photos following the event for a small charge.

We look forward to welcoming back the hundreds of runners who have participated before, as well as greeting new guests who are ready to try something a little different, and a lot of fun. We hope to see you there! Register Here


April's Celebration of Diversity, Inclusion, and Equality

As spring blossoms across the world, the month of April brings with it a call to recognize and appreciate the full spectrum of human diversity. In this dynamic month, several recognized international days speak of diversity, equality, and inclusion, reflecting unique aspects of our global community. From neurological diversity to religious observances and advocacy for the environment, women in tech, and against discrimination, each event brings to the forefront the essence of our shared humanity.

World Autism Acceptance Day: Embracing the Neurodiverse – April 2
Beginning in April, the global awareness initiative shines a light on the vibrant neurodiverse community through World Autism Acceptance Day. As one of the seven health-specific days recognized officially by the United Nations, this day aims to divert attention from merely understanding the cause of autism to appreciating and celebrating the neurodiverse community.

Rather than seeking 'cures' or ways to mold individuals with autism into socially approved patterns, this day encourages acceptance and appreciation of autism as a difference rather than a disorder. Medical professionals and educators worldwide are spearheading neurodiversity's advocacy, focusing on the invaluable contributions of the autistic community to our collective human tapestry.

Yazidi New Year: Honoring Ancient Cultures – April 3
Following closely, the Yazidi New Year, or Sere Sal, on April 3rd, elevates the voice of an ancient community that has graced the Middle Eastern lands for centuries. This festival, marking a new year's dawn, weaves together the rich threads of their cultural identity. It is a time of unity and hope, where Yazidis perform religious rituals to invoke blessings for the upcoming year and traditional dances as an ode to their cultural heritage, echoing their resilience and perseverance.

International Day of Pink: Standing Against Discrimination – April 10
April 10, known worldwide as the International Day of Pink, galvanizes individuals worldwide against homophobia, bullying, and discrimination. The event encourages people to wear pink, symbolizing their commitment to fostering a world that is safe and equitable for all. It serves to remind us that each of us, individually and collectively, plays a vital role in the ongoing fight against prejudice and intolerance.

Earth Day: Advocating for Environmental Stewardship – April 22
Midway through the month, Earth Day on April 22nd calls individuals and communities across the globe to honor and nurture our shared home, Planet Earth. This annual event underscores the importance of sustainability, recycling, and proactive environmental conservation. As various aspects of diversity are celebrated in April, Earth Day captures the intersection of social and environmental justice, emphasizing our shared responsibility to sustain the world that sustains us.

Passover: Reflections on Freedom and Human Dignity – April 22
Concurrently, Passover, an integral commemoration in Jewish tradition, embarks on April 22nd. Over eight days, observant Jews worldwide recollect the Israelites' liberation from Egyptian bondage. Passover magnifies universal themes of freedom, justice, and human dignity - conversations that are as timely today as they were millennia ago. Through communal Seder meals and readings from the Haggadah, it not only reminds the Jewish community of their roots but also invites a collective reflection on the contemporary value of freedom and justice.

International Girls in ICT Day: Empowering Girls in Technology – April 28
As April draws to a close, its advocacy for diversity, inclusion, and equality culminates in International Girls in ICT Day - a call to action for fair representation and participation of girls in the field of Information and Communication Technology (ICT). This day, observed on April 28, stresses the importance of empowering girls with STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) education. It underscores the role that girls can and should play in an increasingly digital and interconnected world, highlighting that the future of work is largely threaded through the loom of technology.

From neurodiversity to spiritual diversity, gender equality to environmental advocacy, and technological empowerment, the month of April is a wellspring of diverse celebrations that underscore the need for ongoing dialogue about inclusion and representation. As communities worldwide herald these remarkable events in different ways, they form a beautiful mosaic - resonating with the values of learning, acceptance, respect, unity, and love. Through such recognition, we take strides towards creating a world that truly celebrates diversity, champions equality, and nurtures an inclusive environment for all.


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Western Nudist Research Library Presents: The Ray and Mildred Story

Don't miss this unforgettable event taking place on Saturday, April 13, at 2 PM.

Join us as we journey through the significant lives of Ray and Mildred, pioneering figures of the nudist movement. Discover how their journey began in the heart of Canada and how their leadership qualities came to the forefront.

Gain an understanding of why Ray has earned the title, "Father of Canadian Nudism", and uncover the influential role Mildred played in advocating for women. Their legacy has been instrumental in shaping nudist culture as we know it today.

This session features a short documentary by CBC, offering additional insight into the lives of these remarkable individuals.

For more details, please visit our website: Western Nudist Research Library

Join us as we celebrate the history and influencers of the nudist movement!


The Transformative Impact of Naturism on Women's Well-being

In an era where the pursuit of well-being has largely been commodified, leading many down the path of expensive wellness retreats, luxury spa treatments, and the latest fitness crazes, there exists a profoundly simple yet deeply transformative practice that has been quietly gaining momentum: naturism. Particularly for women, who often bear the brunt of societal pressures regarding body image and beauty standards, embracing naturism can offer a powerful avenue for healing and self-acceptance. This profound connection between naturism and female well-being merits a thorough exploration, not just for its physical implications but for its far-reaching benefits on the mind and the soul.

The Essence of Naturism

Before delving into the myriad ways naturism serves as a balm for the mind, body, and soul, it's crucial to understand what it encompasses. Naturism, at its core, advocates for living in harmony with nature through social nudity. This lifestyle emphasizes simplicity, equality, and respect for oneself, others, and the environment. It's a practice rooted in the belief that shedding one's clothes also means shedding societal judgments and constraints, leading to a deeper connection with oneself and the natural world.

Embracing Authenticity and Freedom

For many women, the journey towards body positivity and acceptance is fraught with challenges. Societal norms and media representations perpetuate an ideal body image that is both unrealistic and narrow, leading to feelings of inadequacy and self-doubt. Naturism offers a counter-narrative to this issue by fostering an environment where every body is welcomed and celebrated for what it is: natural and authentic.

Breaking the Shackles of Body Image Issues

By embracing nudity in a safe and supportive community, women can confront and dismantle the negative perceptions they hold about their bodies. Naturism allows for the exposure and subsequent acceptance of physical "imperfections," promoting a more compassionate and forgiving relationship with oneself. This environment, where bodies in their diverse forms are normalized, can significantly alleviate the pressures and stresses related to appearance.

Beyond Aesthetics

Apart from its mental and emotional benefits, naturism also encourages a healthy, active lifestyle. Activities such as naked hiking, swimming, and yoga are not only incredibly liberating but also provide substantial physical health benefits. Engaging in these activities in the nude enhances the sensory experience, making the connection to one's body and the environment more pronounced.

Cultivating Mindfulness and Confidence

The impact of naturism on mental health is profound and multifaceted. Stripping away the layers of clothing also strips away the layers of societal expectations, allowing women to cultivate a deeper sense of mindfulness and present-moment awareness.

The Path to Self-acceptance and Mental Liberation

Engaging in naturist activities encourages a focus on the internal self rather than the external. This shift in perspective fosters self-love and acceptance, which are foundational to mental health. Moreover, the act of vulnerability in shedding clothes and revealing one's true self can be incredibly empowering. It champions the idea that confidence and self-worth are not tied to physical appearance but are intrinsic values that each woman possesses.

Reducing Stress and Enhancing Emotional Wellness

Naturism can also be a potent antidote to stress. By engaging in naturist practices, women can step away from the fast-paced, often overwhelming demands of daily life. The combination of natural settings and nudity aids in grounding individuals, reducing anxiety, and promoting a peaceful state of mind.

Reconnecting with Nature and Community

At its heart, naturism is about connection. It's about reconnecting with nature in the most literal sense, by experiencing the elements directly on the skin. It's also about connecting with a community of like-minded individuals who share values of respect, acceptance, and freedom.

The Spiritual Awakening Through Naturism

For many, naturism serves as a gateway to spiritual awakening. It allows for a kind of primal communion with the natural world, which can be deeply nourishing for the soul. This direct interaction with the earth, sun, and water, devoid of any barriers, can facilitate a profound sense of oneness and harmony with the universe.

Building a Supportive and Empowering Community

The naturist community plays a vital role in nurturing the well-being of its members. It provides a space where women can share their experiences, support one another, and celebrate their journeys towards self-acceptance and empowerment. This sense of belonging and solidarity is instrumental in fostering individual and collective growth.

Navigating Challenges and Misconceptions

Despite its benefits, naturism faces societal misconceptions and prejudices. It's often misunderstood as something sexual or exhibitionist, rather than a lifestyle choice focused on health, simplicity, and connectivity. Overcoming these challenges requires education and open dialogue. By sharing personal stories and the positive impacts of naturism on well-being, advocates can challenge these misconceptions and invite a broader understanding and acceptance of the practice.

A Personal and Collective Journey

For women contemplating the path of naturism, the journey is both personal and shared. It's about discovering a profound sense of freedom and connection, not only with oneself but also with a community and the natural world. While the road may have its challenges, the rewards of embracing naturism—improved mental, physical, and spiritual well-being—are immeasurable.

In conclusion, the transformative impact of naturism on women's well-being cannot be overstated. It offers a holistic approach to healing that encompasses the mind, body, and soul. In a world where external appearances are often valued over internal qualities, naturism stands as a testament to the power of authenticity, vulnerability, and natural beauty. For those ready to embark on this journey, the rewards are profound and enduring, heralding a new era of self-acceptance, empowerment, and profound well-being.