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Women In Nude

AANR is committed to introducing women to the benefits of nude living.

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Families & Naturism

The Naturist movement has always been family-centric. It is not uncommon to find several generations of families who have lived in this lifestyle.


AANR West needs YOU!

The AANR West board of directors is comprised of 9 elected representatives from our regional membership. Directors are tasked with carrying out the functions of the AANR region, to promote and protect family nude recreation. Through various committees, which may include but are not limited to, marketing, public relations, social media/online presence, and so many more, we continue to fulfill our mission.

Elections are coming and you have the opportunity to serve the region as a director.

To be eligible to run you need to hold a current and valid AANR membership for at least 1 year before running, be committed to serving on an appointed committee(s), and attend various meetings throughout the year. For more information, or to submit a nomination, contact Vice President Treena Saavedra via email,

July Month-Long Observances

French-American Heritage Month

Important July Dates

  • July 1 – Canada Day (Canada)
  • July 4 – Independence Day (USA)
  • July 7 – Al-Hijra begins (Muslim)
  • July 9 – Martyrdom of the Bab (Baha’i)
  • July 11 – World Populace Day
  • July 14 – Bastille Day
  • July 18 – International Nelson Mandela Day
  • July 24 – Pioneer Day (Mormon)
  • July 24 – International Self-Care Day
  • July 26 – National Disability Independence Day (commemorates the signing of the Americans With Disabilities Act)
  • July 28 – Parents’ Day (USA)
  • July 30 – International Day of Friendship

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AANR West: Supporting Our Members And Our Clubs

Embark on a journey of self-discovery and liberation with AANR West! Our organization offers a range of activities that allow members to explore clothing-optional recreation in a safe and welcoming environment. With members hailing from states across the Western US, including Arizona, California, Colorado, Hawaii, New Mexico, Nevada, Utah, and Wyoming, as well as western Mexico, AANR West is a diverse community where everyone is welcome.

Our mission at AANR West is to provide our members with comprehensive education and support services. We want our members to feel comfortable and secure as they pursue their interests, and we work hard to ensure that they have access to the resources and information they need to do so. Whether it's finding a safe and legal place to enjoy clothing-optional recreation or understanding their rights under the law, our members can count on us to provide them with the guidance and support they need.

But our mission doesn't stop with our members. AANR West also strives to educate the public on the benefits of social nudism. We believe that everyone can experience the joy and freedom that comes from shedding their clothes and embracing their natural selves. We host events that are focused on providing good, healthy family fun, and we welcome individuals of all ages, genders, marital statuses, religious beliefs, ethnic origins, and sexual orientations.

We know the power of true freedom at AANR West. There's nothing quite like feeling the wind blowing across your skin and the sense of liberation that comes from being carefree and unencumbered by clothing. We want everyone to experience that same sense of freedom and joy. So, if you're looking for a safe and welcoming community where you can explore your interests and find your inner peace, join us at AANR West today!


“Conversely, getting naked was the thing that made me realize I am more than a sum of my parts and that no one will ever put me under the microscope I’d applied to myself.”

Amy Nickell

AANR West Club Highlights

Mohave Sun Club

The Mohave Sun Club is a vibrant, family-friendly, non-landed travel club based in the sunny expanses of Mohave County, Arizona. As a haven for Socially United Nudists and Naturists, this club stands out for its commitment to promoting body acceptance, non-sexual nudity, and wholesome nude recreation in a safe, comfortable, and relaxed environment. Affiliated with the American Association for Nude Recreation (AANR), AANR-West, and The Naturist Society (TNS), Mohave Sun Club encapsulates the spirit of fun and freedom, fostering long-lasting friendships among like-minded naturists.

Southern Utah Naturist Society (SUNS)

We are a non-landed Naturist group located in the St George Utah area.

Who we are: We are a “Clothing Optional”, safe, friendly social group and all our events are strictly non-sexual. We are proud to offer membership to people 18 and over of all genders, sexual orientations, body types, and ethnicities. We structure our Club this way to create a safe and friendly environment where members and their guests can enjoy each other’s company based on mutual respect, consideration for others, and common sense.


Sequoians is a social nude membership club that caters to its members, affiliated club members, members' guests, and new visitors considering membership. Everyone can enjoy nude recreation in our safe and family-friendly forest park-like setting. Sequoians is a cooperative; members pool together to create fun activities and events — it is also a place where members enjoy days of nude relaxation, tanning, swimming, relaxing in the hot tub, camping, hiking, wildlife, bird watching, lawn games, and other activities.

During the club’s Open Season (April through October) visitors may visit three times on Saturdays, Sundays, or holidays before deciding if they’d like to apply for membership. Membership entitles them to continued access to Sequoians’ grounds for the purpose and enjoyment of nude recreation.

AANR West 2024 Meetings


AANR Western Regional General Assembly 2024
August 9-11, 2024
Shangri La Ranch

AANR Western Regional Fall Board Meeting
November, 2024


Short Story

Cave Dwelling Communion

In a remote part of the Appalachian foothills, where nature still held dominion and the raw earth sang a song of ancient wisdom, there lay a series of expansive caves. These caves were the retreat for a group of seasoned naturists, who sought not just the freedom of exposed skin but the resonance of their beings with the heart of the earth.

Jacob was the leader. Once a geologist with a thriving city life, he had given it all up after a life-altering exploration of naturist philosophy. In these cases, he found not only shelter but a spiritual connection that amplified the raw integrity of their lifestyle.

On a warm summer day, the group assembled at the entrance of the cave, their bodies basking under the open sky one last time before they retreated under the earth. The absence of clothing was the norm here, a testament to their lifestyle, and a profound reclaiming of the human body in its purest state.

As they entered the caves, their steps echoed through the cavernous hollows. The dim light from the entrance gradually disappeared, replaced by strategically placed torches that cast playful shadows on the ancient rock and their bare bodies. The first sensation to hit them was the cool air, a pleasant contrast to the external heat, soothing their naked skin.

Walking deeper into the caves, they marveled at the stalagmites and stalactites, their gleaming surfaces telling tales of time untouched. The cave was a treasure chest of nature's artwork and a sanctuary for quiet introspection.

Jacob led them to the main cavern—an impressive dome of rock where they would live, bond, and commune. As the group settled, they couldn't help but feel overwhelmed by the sense of connection and unity that the surroundings elicited.

The days turned into nights seamlessly. Devoid of the influence of sunlight, they attuned to a different rhythm, feeling the pulse of the earth beneath them. Their skin felt the cool touch of the stone, and they echoed back their laughter and thoughts, the cave serving as a conduit for their collective consciousness.

The cave became a cathedral of their shared philosophy. They held discussions, reverberating their ideas off the ancient walls. Their shared meals, cooked over an open flame, tasted like feasts, the primal element of fire adding a primitive authenticity to their meals.

At night, the cave's deep silence brought an unexpected peace. Each member found solace in their thoughts, their bodies sprawled on the cave floor, feeling the vibrations of the earth beneath them — an unspoken communion of body and spirit with the earth.

The Cave Dwelling Communion was not just about living in a cave; it was about returning to the womb of the earth, shedding the superficial constructs of societal norms, and awakening to the raw, primordial essence of existence.

As weeks passed, changes within the group were palpable. Words became less necessary, replaced by an understanding gleaned from shared glances and the quiet synchrony of their actions. Their naked bodies, initially a statement, became an unnoticed norm, their existence now transcending the physical plane and delving into deeply spiritual realizations of their shared humanity.

As they emerged from the cave after their communion, they did so with a renewed perspective. The sunlight felt even more invigorating on their naked skin, the wind more welcoming, and the earth under their feet more grounding. This journey had sensitized them to the subtleties of the natural world and their place within it.

Jacob looked at his fellow naturists. Their eyes sparkled with a newfound energy—quiet yet potent. The experience in the cave had stripped them bare, not just physically but emotionally and spiritually too. They had descended as individual beings but had reemerged as part of an ancient pulse, carrying within them the echo of the caves, where they had found a primal and profound part of their selves.

Club Karaoke

Shangri La Ranch - Friday Night

Mira Vista Resort - Friday Night

Glen Eden Sun Club - Wednesday, Friday & Sunday

Laguna Del Sol - Friday Night

Olive Dell Ranch - Friday Night

Club Dances

Shangri La Ranch - Saturday Night

Mira Vista Resort - Saturday Night

Laguna Del Sol - Saturday Night

Glen Eden Sun Club - Friday & Saturday

Lupin Lodge - Thursday Night

Sequoians - Saturday Afternoon (Summer)

Club Volleyball

Glen Eden - Tuesdays, Fridays, Saturdays, & Sundays

Shangri La Ranch - Daily Afternoon except Saturday

Mira Vista Resort - Saturday Afternoon

Laguna Del Sol - Saturday Afternoon

The Many Names We Take Pride In

Our organization has undergone significant changes over the past few decades, with a focus on providing more detailed and comprehensive descriptions of the locations where we practice and enjoy our nudist lifestyle. While terms such as "nudist colony" or "nudist camp" may have been accurate in the past, we now prefer the use of terms such as "nudist clubs," "parks," or "resorts," which better reflect the diverse and welcoming nature of our community. Additionally, we have adopted new terminology to describe ourselves, including naturists, nudists, or members of clothing-optional organizations, highlighting the positive and respectful aspects of our lifestyle.

We believe that our lifestyle is grounded in basic human rights, such as the freedom to express oneself and the freedom to be comfortable in one's own skin. Our organization is committed to ensuring that these rights are protected and respected, and we work tirelessly to promote acceptance and understanding of our way of life. In addition to advocating for top freedom, social nudism, and family nudity, we also support a range of initiatives aimed at promoting body positivity and inclusivity, including educational programs, community events, and outreach activities. By working together, we can build a more open and accepting society that values diversity and celebrates the beauty of the human form.

Find your true self at an AANR West Club.