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Women In Nude

AANR is committed to introducing women to the benefits of nude living.

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Families & Naturism

The Naturist movement has always been family-centric. It is not uncommon to find several generations of families who have lived in this lifestyle.

"To me, beauty is inclusion — every size, every color — that’s the world I live in."

~ Prabal Gurung, fashion designer ~

May Month-Long Observances

ALS Awareness Month

Haitian Heritage Month

Indian Heritage Month

Jewish-American Heritage Month

Mental Health Month

National Asian American and South Pacific Islander Heritage Month

Older Americans Month

South Asian American Heritage Month

Important May Dates

  • May 5 – Cinco de Mayo
  • May 5 – Yom Hashoah (Jewish)
  • May 12 – Mother’s Day
  • May 17 – International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia
  • May 19 – Malcolm X Day (USA)
  • May 20 – Victoria Day (Canada)
  • May 20 – International Human Resources Day
  • May 21 – World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development
  • May 23 – Declaration of the Bab (Baha’i)
  • May 26 – Arbor Day
  • May 29 – Ascension of Baha’u’llah (Baha’i)
  • May 27 – Memorial Day

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AANR West: Supporting Our Members And Our Clubs

Embark on a journey of self-discovery and liberation with AANR West! Our organization offers a range of activities that allow members to explore clothing-optional recreation in a safe and welcoming environment. With members hailing from states across the Western US, including Arizona, California, Colorado, Hawaii, New Mexico, Nevada, Utah, and Wyoming, as well as western Mexico, AANR West is a diverse community where everyone is welcome.

Our mission at AANR West is to provide our members with comprehensive education and support services. We want our members to feel comfortable and secure as they pursue their interests, and we work hard to ensure that they have access to the resources and information they need to do so. Whether it's finding a safe and legal place to enjoy clothing-optional recreation or understanding their rights under the law, our members can count on us to provide them with the guidance and support they need.

But our mission doesn't stop with our members. AANR West also strives to educate the public on the benefits of social nudism. We believe that everyone can experience the joy and freedom that comes from shedding their clothes and embracing their natural selves. We host events that are focused on providing good, healthy family fun, and we welcome individuals of all ages, genders, marital statuses, religious beliefs, ethnic origins, and sexual orientations.

We know the power of true freedom at AANR West. There's nothing quite like feeling the wind blowing across your skin and the sense of liberation that comes from being carefree and unencumbered by clothing. We want everyone to experience that same sense of freedom and joy. So, if you're looking for a safe and welcoming community where you can explore your interests and find your inner peace, join us at AANR West today!


“While Ethical Naturists enjoy the freedom of being nude, they also see naturism as a creed and a life philosophy. They believe that it is immoral to make people ashamed and embarrassed of their own image. They understand that society’s attitude toward the human body results in a lack of self-esteem.  The consequence is often a lack of self-confidence and the beginning of a variety of emotional dysfunctions. Accordingly, they strive to accept their natural selves and to respect others.”

BareOaks Family Naturist

AANR West Club Highlights

Rocky Mountain Naturist Club

The Rocky Mountain Naturist Club is a distinguished AANR non-landed Club that is open to all individuals, irrespective of whether they are members of the American Association for Nude Recreation. The club is steadfast in its mission to advocate for clean, wholesome social nudism/naturism within the expansive Denver area. This is achieved by providing a safe, secure environment where like-minded individuals can congregate and partake in family-oriented activities and gatherings.

One of the distinctive features of our club is its gender-balanced membership. This membership is composed of a diverse, non-judgmental group of naturists who share a common belief: that nudism/naturism is not about sexual connotations but is instead about the freedom of the body and the unconditional acceptance of the human form. This acceptance is not bound by the shape, size, skin color, or sexual identification of the individual. We warmly welcome and accept everyone into our club, appreciating them for who they are as individuals. As such, our events are a melting pot of diversity, with a mix of people from various types and backgrounds.

At our gatherings, nudity is always optional. We recognize that everyone has different comfort levels, and we respect your right to choose the amount of clothing you need for your level of comfort. Most people at our gatherings exercise the option to be nude, while others may choose to be partially nude. It is essential to note that there is never any pressure to be nude at our events. We firmly believe in the importance of individual choice and comfort.

Southern California Naturist Association

SCNA is a clothing-optional "travel club," which means we are a social organization of nudists and like-minded friends with no specific park or resort to call home. We meet in the backyards of members with swimming pools or Jacuzzis, or we go sailing off the coast, or we hike on secluded mountain trails or visit local beaches where we can enjoy the surf and sand as nature intended. We also participate in many activities at the various nudist resorts in our fair state.

Swim Free Hawaii Boat Charter


Swim Free Hawaii is a clothing-optional boat charter that gives you the opportunity to explore the island in an exciting, safe, and comfortable environment. Whether you're a visitor to the island looking for a unique activity or a local interested in a new experience of Hawaii, NUDE CHARTER is here to help you personalize your adventure.

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April 30, 2024


AANR West 2024 Meetings


AANR Western Regional General Assembly 2024
August 9-11, 2024
Shangri La Ranch

AANR Western Regional Fall Board Meeting
November, 2024

Short Story

Zen Garden Serenity

After years of tireless work, Samuel decided it was time for a sabbatical. He had been everything—CEO of a leading software company, an ingenious innovator, a public speaker—but in all his accomplishments, he felt something was missing. He yearned for tranquility amidst his chaotic life, a calm center which he could retreat to. That's when he came across the ancient practice of Zen gardens and naturism.

In the sprawling grounds of his countryside mansion, he created a Zen garden, designing it meticulously with swirling patterns of rocks and sand, punctuated by moss-covered stones and low-lying shrubs. Concealed by a privacy fence and a maze of manicured hedges, this garden became his sanctuary, a place where he could retreat to find harmony and learn Zen teachings in his own unique way—through naturism.

Each morning, in the comforting silence of dawn, Samuel would approach his Zen Garden. Leaving his robe hanging on the wrought-iron garden gate, he would step across the threshold of his sanctuary. There was a certain anticipation, a thrill that coursed through him as he entered the garden, a sigh of surrender leaving his lips.

An air of serenity engulfed him as he engaged with his surroundings, every grain of sand, every pebble, every breath of wind resonating with calmness. The roughness of sand against his bare feet, the gentle prick of pebbles, and the soft breeze brushing against his naked body grounded him, connecting him to the earth.

With a Zen garden rake in his hand, he traced carefully planned patterns around the stones, each movement slow and deliberate. The tactile sensation of the wooden rake, the sight of the freshly disturbed sand, and the rhythmic sound of the gentle scraping grounded him, integrating him into the environment.

Every stroke in the sand was a stroke within, an exploration of concealed corners of his consciousness. Each swirl represented his life's myriad paths, some smooth, some abruptly ending, some twisting around obstacles but always leading to a destination—simultaneously a part of the larger illustration yet profoundly personal.

Throughout the hours he spent in the Zen garden, he felt deeply connected and engaged on multiple sensory levels. The rhythmic music of chirping birds and rustling leaves, the whispering wind, the mesmerizing sight of the changing patterns in the sand, and the earthy aroma mingling with the fresh morning air—all these elements came together to form a symphony of serenity.

It wasn't just about the patterns in the sand or the alignment of stones; it was about shedding the external layers, both physically and metaphorically, and tuning into the world's rhythm around him. His nakedness established a sense of transparency, deepening his connection with the elements—earth, water, air, fire, and space.

Being an observer of the Zen garden, Samuel learned patience and acceptance; being an integral part of it, he discovered a sense of belonging. His sessions in the Zen garden weren't merely meditational rituals, but a pursuit of tranquility laced beautifully with self-discovery.

At the end of each session, he'd sit on the rustic wooden bench at the garden's edge, watching as the sunlight slowly trickled in, illuminating his work. These moments were his own—a marriage of inner peace with outer tranquility, a symphony of acceptance played out in his secret sanctuary.

Zen Garden Serenity was his path to understanding Zen teachings intuitively—in harmony with nature and his unadorned existence. It became a sanctuary where he could gather his scattered thoughts, returning to his chaotic world with a rejuvenated heart and a serene mind, carrying along the lingering echo of his Zen garden.


Club Karaoke

Shangri La Ranch - Friday Night

Mira Vista Resort - Friday Night

Glen Eden Sun Club - Wednesday, Friday & Sunday

Laguna Del Sol - Friday Night

Olive Dell Ranch - Friday Night

Club Dances

Shangri La Ranch - Saturday Night

Mira Vista Resort - Saturday Night

Laguna Del Sol - Saturday Night

Glen Eden Sun Club - Friday & Saturday

Lupin Lodge - Thursday Night

Sequoians - Saturday Afternoon (Summer)

Club Volleyball

Glen Eden - Tuesdays, Fridays, Saturdays, & Sundays

Shangri La Ranch - Daily Afternoon except Saturday

Mira Vista Resort - Saturday Afternoon

Laguna Del Sol - Saturday Afternoon

The Many Names We Take Pride In

Our organization has undergone significant changes over the past few decades, with a focus on providing more detailed and comprehensive descriptions of the locations where we practice and enjoy our nudist lifestyle. While terms such as "nudist colony" or "nudist camp" may have been accurate in the past, we now prefer the use of terms such as "nudist clubs," "parks," or "resorts," which better reflect the diverse and welcoming nature of our community. Additionally, we have adopted new terminology to describe ourselves, including naturists, nudists, or members of clothing-optional organizations, highlighting the positive and respectful aspects of our lifestyle.

We believe that our lifestyle is grounded in basic human rights, such as the freedom to express oneself and the freedom to be comfortable in one's own skin. Our organization is committed to ensuring that these rights are protected and respected, and we work tirelessly to promote acceptance and understanding of our way of life. In addition to advocating for top freedom, social nudism, and family nudity, we also support a range of initiatives aimed at promoting body positivity and inclusivity, including educational programs, community events, and outreach activities. By working together, we can build a more open and accepting society that values diversity and celebrates the beauty of the human form.

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