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AANR West Young Adults

Each AANR-West club has activities that are attractive to young adults age 18-35.


We understand that young adults often enjoy many types of spontaneous activities with their friends therefore the majority of them choose not to pay the fees to join a specific club, they just enjoy that they are there for the time that they are. This is the time of their lives when they prefer to have a wide range of experiences, to “try out life” as it were, before settling down on just those they enjoy the most.  It is our responsibility to show that social nudity is one of those experiences that provide the self-confidence and body acceptance that can be a positive force the rest of their lives.


Besides a vigorous selection of sports – volleyball, tennis, and water volleyball, etc, - many clubs also have hiking trails and picnic or lawn areas where young people can hang with their friends.  Most clubs have weekend dances or themed festivals that can be enjoyed.  Body Painting days are also very popular. Of course, everyone enjoys the community pool where nudists of all ages congregate at all hours of the day.


Some nudist parks host non-landed “travel” clubs that are geared towards young adults. There are weekends set aside for them to come in and use the facilities, more times than not at a reduced rate. Some of the events include acoustic music sessions/lessons, sports events, hiking, runs etc. Most importantly everyone enjoys the camaraderie of other nudists.


Clubs have access to WiFi/Internet connections available for those who just cannot put down their smart phones.  Policies about taking selfies or snapping photos of friends vary from park to park, but many are coming to realize that young people are comfortable doing this, far more than their elders, and provide designated areas for camera use as long as all parties in the frame give their permission.


Check with your local clubs to see what policies and programs are available specifically young adults.  Some may have Special Interest Groups (SIGS) already organized that young guests can join. Others may give discount prices to become members or to visit the grounds.


Besides the nudist parks and clubs, there are also many independent naturist groups that cater to the younger crowd. They organize periodic hikes into the mountains, visit hot springs, or have a day at the beach.  While not affiliated with AANR or AANR-West, these outside groups provide additional opportunities to experience social nudism.  As people mature and acquire stable incomes and families, they eventually join a landed club if the young adult has had good experiences there.


AANR-West is committed to provide a wonderful experience to every young adult interested in giving social nudity a try.

Stay true to yourself, join the American Association of Nude Recreation  today!


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