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Social Nudity from a Woman's Perspective

Welcome to Your Body!

Nudism is about acceptance of self and body exactly as they are. If you are expecting to find Playboy-perfect and identical naked bodies, you are mistaken. Instead, if you would like to learn what real human bodies look like, join us. Each one of us is different. Intellectually, I had known that the path to peace with one's body was not through perfection but through acceptance. However, that understanding didn't move below my neck (my intellect) until I stumbled upon nudism. That is when my gut, my body, my mind and my soul finally got what true acceptance was. Spend time with naked women with mastectomies and men with missing limbs, and you learn that we all carry scars. Once I started, I couldn’t go back. For the rest of my life I will watch movies and ad campaigns and laugh at the sheer silliness of the illusion of perfection I used to believe, and the illusion the advertisers and media heads work so hard to perpetuate. Welcome to your body! At first, it takes a while to get used to it all, but comfort will come quickly. Heck, wear a wrap as long as you need to. It will come off when you are ready.

- Rena


Body Acceptance is the Key to Self-Esteem

Lots of people, both women and men, are worried about how they will look compared to others. I hear women say things like "I would have to lose 20 pounds before I would dare do that." But here's the thing: whenever you get with a group of, say, 100 nudists, you will find two or three that will make you say, "Wow, I wish I or my mate looked like that!" You will find another two or three that will make you say, "Wow, I'm glad we don't look like that." The other 95 or so look just the same as you!”

– Beverly





The Freedom to Accept Ourselves

It used to be hard for me to understand why anyone would want to become a nudist. Being naked was always so embarrassing and uncomfortable for me, even when alone or in front of my husband. I made the choice to try nudism because I needed so badly to overcome the negative force that body shame was having on my life. Nudism is not about being seen; it's about the freedom to accept ourselves and others just as we are. We shed uncomfortable clothing to experience the joy of feeling the sun and wind all over us—not just on the body parts that society deems acceptable to be seen.

– Anna







A Renewed Sense of Self-Worth

Many years ago, when I was 21, my boyfriend suggested we go to a nude beach. I was always up to trying something new, but I was totally unprepared for the awe I felt taking my clothes off for the first time and feeling the sun, the ocean breeze, and the water against my body, and—most important—without anyone caring. After experiencing the freedom of nudity, I found a renewed sense of self-worth.

– Sarah








A Supportive, and Diverse Community

If someone had suggested to this shy, self-conscious young women from a strict Irish-Catholic family, that someday I would become a “card-carrying” nudist, I would have said, “You are crazy!” I felt horrified to shower with other girls my age after PE class in Jr. High.


I tried social nudity (at first, reluctantly) in my late 20’s and fell in love with the liberation of being clothes-free in a supportive and diverse community.


I have learned nudists are far less judgmental than non-nudists We don't critique, grade, categorize, or dismiss you based on your body shape and size. You are what you are, and so am I. And in leaving that shame behind, I became truly free.

– Patty



It’s One of the Safest Places You Can Go

Some people are worried that this is an open sexual environment and they will be harassed. Nothing could be further from the truth. Resorts are places where No really means NO and you are very safe. The men do not want to lose their club privileges. It's one of the safest places you can go.

– Helen


I Feel Safe Here

I felt very awkward my first time, but once I got comfortable with myself I realized it was no big deal. I enjoy meeting other kids my age at events. I feel safe here, much safer than at a shopping mall. The adult nudists always look out for the kids. I have only told a few school friends because I think many believe nudity is something bad, and I just don’t want the hassle of arguing with ignorant people.

 – Amy, (age 11.)










How to Get Started

First, try being nude in your own home. Try sleeping nude—once you get used to it, you won't want to sleep any other way. That's the first easy step. Then, when you take your shower or bath, don't grab for a robe for at least 30 minutes, then an hour, then several hours. Do your nails, set your hair, or write your email. (Be sure to always sit on a towel—this is part of nudist etiquette.)


If you exercise, try it without clothes. Try doing the dishes, laundry, or vacuuming nude. It feels wonderful, and you won’t have sweaty clothes when you finish. Then if you have enough privacy, try it in your backyard. Lay out on a blanket or if you have a backyard pool or Jacuzzi, try skinny-dipping. If you are still feeling shy, try it at night first, then during the day.


Try it alone, then with a partner or spouse. Now you are ready for the nude beach or club. Relax. You are about to meet your new best friends for the first time!

– Gerrie




Nude Recreation is for EVERY Body!


The mission of AANR-West is to promote the benefits of wholesome family-friendly nude recreation.
We hope you will decide to give us a try! All quotes come from actual women members of AANR-West and both their text and photos are used with permission.

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