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AANR-West Revised 2019 Scholarship Program

For the past decade or more, the programs focused on college bound high school graduates and college undergraduates. The entire scholarship program has been revamped for 2019.


The program is now expanded to cover those who want to attend a college or a vocational or technical training school of any age who are not seeking a degree, as well as college bound applicants who are.


College-bound applicants need to submit their application to AANR-West by the April 30 deadline, for the two $2,000 scholarships. These are awarded every June (we formally announce the winners at the annual summer convention).


Second, since vocational schools, run courses year-round, we have set aside money for these courses. However, when this money runs out no more funds will be available the rest of that calendar year. These applications can be submitted at any time until the funds have been exhausted.


Third, the application forms have been greatly simplified.


We are keeping the recommendation forms from the clubs or a teacher the same for the scholarship; however the applicant will only need to submit 1. This way they can decide if it will come from a teacher, counselor, coach etc, or from their club. This is meant to eliminate those that have said they will not apply because they do not want teachers to know that they are nudist but still gets us another opinion on the applicant.


As far as those applying for assistance with continued education, they will follow the same requirement of providing a club recommendation or a employer/colleague recommendation form.


Please submit your forms electronically to or else mail them to:



Attn: Scholarship Committee

23679 Calabasas Road, Suite 966

Calabasas, Ca 91032


All forms must be submitted (postmarked) no later than April 1 of each year.


Applicants will be notified of the committee’s decision by June 1, and the winners will be announced at the annual AANR West Convention. No personal appearance will be required for the scholarship to be awarded.


If, for some reason, you do not attend an accredited post-secondary institution as anticipated, you will forfeit the scholarship and the right to apply for any further financial assistance from AANR West. The scholarship which you forfeit will be awarded to the next runner-up in the judging.

AANR Education Foundation Scholarships


In addition, to the AANR-West Scholarship, interested students may apply for an AANR Education Foundation scholarship without being a winner or an applicant for an AANR-West scholarship, and may do so at any time.


AANR Education Foundation (AEF) scholarship applications may be obtained from the AANR Education Foundation webpage: then link to “Applications.”


AEF scholarship funds are handled through the AANR Education Foundation's Scholarship Program. Winners of AANR West scholarships must apply separately for these additional funds. The amount of these funds is not fixed but varies per availability and qualifications.


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