2021 AANR West Board

(from left to right)

Larry Gould, David Ziegler, Freddie Carlile, Cyndi Tendick, Gary Holden, Kathy Watzel, Andy Walden, Elizabeth Tharrington, Linda Weber, Judy Tomboc, Judith Trainor, Treena Saavedra, Michelle Carlson, and Kay Nauta

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2021 - 2022 AANR West Officers, Board of Directors & Committee Chairs


Cyndi Tendick


Treena Saavedra


Andy Walden


David Ziegler


Kathy Watzel

Regional Trustee

Board of Directors

Freddie Carlile
de Anza Springs
Michelle Carlson
Shangri La Ranch
Larry Gould

Canyon State Naturists

Gary Holden
Arizona Wildflowers
Kay Nauta
Mountain Air Ranch
Elizabeth Tharrington

Canyon State Naturists

Judy Tomboc
Glen Eden Sun Club
Judith Trainor

De Anza Springs Resort

Linda Weber

Hangin’ Loose

Rolf Holbach



Tim Mullins

Northern Exposure


Gary Mussell



Committee Chairs

AANR-West Committees

AANR West Convention Meeting

The Board of AANR-West is involved in many projects. We encourage anyone with skills in these areas to volunteer a little time to help AANR grow! Email us at with your suggestions and ideas.


The primary work of the Directors is done in the various regional committees. The president appoints all members to the various committee and selects the leader/chair of that committee to coordinate its activities. Directors are appointed based upon their skill set and job experience. Some directors specifically request to serve on specific committees, but that is up to the president. Each committee writes a report before each of the three Board meetings that gets distributed to all the clubs, so they know what we are doing on their behalf and to solicit comment.


Click on any drop down box below to see many of the committees and the work they do.


The members of this committee are familiar with QuickBooks and they supervise the budget-making process each Fall. During the rest of the year they approve all major expenditures and help the committees manage their allocated funds. They periodically review and make recommendations regarding reimbursement procedures.