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Travel Opportunities

There are many destinations both inside and outside of the West Region for naturist adventures. The Western Region of AANR includes Arizona, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah and Wyoming, as well as the western half of Mexico along an imaginary line. We are lucky in the Western Region, but are not limited to: Landed Clubs (soon to be called Destination Clubs); Non-Landed or Travel Clubs (soon to be called Event Clubs); Clothing-optional Beaches; Hot Springs; and, even an opportunity to Swim Free on a boat in Hawaii. The Western Region is also composed of a variety of geographic areas ranging from mountains, to the ocean and on to the high desert. You can pick the climate you enjoy by picking the location or season. In most cases all you will need is some sunscreen and a towel.

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What To Expect When Traveling To Nude Destinations

Landed Clubs or Destination Clubs

A club or destination resort which owns land on which they may or may not have club houses, swimming pools, or other amenities which members and guests enjoy without clothes. Outdated terms from the 1940's to describe landed clubs were "nudist camp" or "nudist colony." You will find it best to not use these archaic terms as nudists deem them offensive. Quite often these clubs do not require membership for your first few visits or if you are simply passing through. It does help if you have membership in the American Association for Nude Recreation. Most landed clubs provide either rental accommodations such as park models or motel rooms, or camping services on the grounds. There are generally activities such as pickle ball, tennis, horseshoes, hiking, water volleyball, dances and karaoke to mention just a few. Each club has its own set of rules and culture. If you are interested in going to a destination club, you are encouraged to read their website so that you have some idea of what to expect when you arrive.