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Well, it's easy to see that springtime in the AANR-West region is in full swing. As the weather warms, the trees bud, and the daffodils bloom, our minds may turn to gardening, hiking in the woods, outdoor sports, or maybe some skinny dipping at the pool.

If you haven't already tried skinny dipping at an AANR club or resort, now is the time to take the plunge. There is nothing more invigorating and refreshing than the feel of cool water caressing your skin - ALL of your skin. No textiles to disrupt the flow. And swimming without the restrictions of swim trunks binding on your legs or bra straps digging into your shoulders makes a skinny dip in the pool pure heaven.  And here's the best part – when it's time to relax poolside, NO soggy, cold swimming suit clinging to you for the next hour and no tan lines. But, of course, don't forget the sunscreen!

It's easy to apply sunscreen when there is no clothing to avoid. But then, rub or spray that sunscreen EVERYWHERE! No worrying about getting lotion on a sleeve or waistband, no burned shoulders because your blouse shifted, and you didn't apply sunscreen on the previously covered skin. It's kind of like painting the walls of an empty room. Splatters don't matter!

Painting is an excellent activity to do in the buff. You might also want to consider gardening, housecleaning, auto repair, dining, or any other activity that can easily stain or tear clothing. Why ruin a perfectly good pair of pants by accidentally getting motor oil on them? Got oil on your leg? Wash it off easily with soap and water! No stain! And that white blouse that is now a cleaning rag with wine stains could still be hanging in the closet if you had been dining in your birthday suit. Clothing is expensive these days. Lengthen its lifespan by only wearing it when absolutely necessary. You'll also spend less time doing laundry, and you'll save even more time by not standing in the closet for an hour trying to put an outfit together.

Another excellent time to go au naturelle is bedtime. It has been proven by thousands of nudists (and some sleep experts, too) that you sleep better when you don't have a nightgown tangled under your

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