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The Basics

We get frequent calls from people curious about social nudity. They often ask the same basic questions, so in the interest of time, we have compiled those most commonly asked into a Frequently Asked Question page.


We have heard from many first-timers that they are confused by the correct usage of some of the colloquial terminology used at nudist venues and events. What is a “cottontail,” for example, or a “Nakation?” Nudists’ vocabulary, like the language in all areas of culture, morphs over time, and clubs in different regions of the country or members of specific clubs use some terms of these differently than members of other groups. However, the Lost in Translation vocabulary list should shed a little light on general definitions and help you navigate your way around the lawn during your first visit to a naturist event.


We also are asked about nude beach and hiking trail etiquette.  These are not much different that the common sense courtesies that should be extended on any beach or trail.  Downloading The Beach & Hiking Etiquette Guide should be useful.


Last, we also frequently hear the same basic objections to social nudity from outsiders who are misinformed what we are really all about. From attracting a bad element to corrupting our children, we have heard them all.  None of this is true and we have documented our learned responses here in this article called Our Response to Often-Heard Objections to Social Nudity.

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