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Beach and Hiking Etiquette

A Guide to Courtesy & Common-Sense Behavior at Nudist Beaches and on Local Hiking Trails

Beach etiquette is not much different from the same common sense and good manners that you should exhibit wherever you go. Be polite and respect the rights of others and others will do the same for you.


Obey all Parking Rules and Regulations

Park only in designated areas. In some areas parking is limited and fills up early. If this is true at your beach you can:

  • Arrive Early - before the crowds
  • Carpool - saving both gas and parking spots.
  • Help others carry their stuff from the parking area to the beach. Someone may do the same for you.


Respect the Environment

Keep out of areas that may be environmentally sensitive. Leave any wild animals (seagulls, sea lions, etc.) alone.


Help Keep the Area Clean

Bring and use trash bags. Always try to carry out more trash than you carried in. Leave nothing but footprints, take only memories.


Dogs and Other Pets

If you are not aware, it is illegal to allow your dog to be on the beach without a leash, although that law is rarely enforced at Bates Beach.  At the minimum, we ask you to please clean up after your pet and take your plastic bag with you when you leave the beach. Do NOT throw it into the ocean, as it will simply wash back up on the next tide, fouling the beach for the next visitors.


Avoid Any Sexual Activity

Avoid any hint of sexual activity! If you are tempted to fool around under a blanket or in a remote area, remember lewd activity is a felony and could get you listed as a sex offender!


Note: in California, simple nudity or topless sunbathing is not considered lewd behavior.


Respect Private Property

Show respect for the private property of others as you go to and from the beach. Don't litter or park on private property.


That means don’t park your blanket directly alongside or below another person if there is plenty of other space left on the beach.  Avoid placing your pop-up awning where it blocks someone else’s view of the water without asking them first.


Respect the privacy of others.  Many folks come to the beach to enjoy nature and do not want to be disturbed. It is OK to be friendly, but if someone doesn't seem to respond, please respect their right to privacy. “No” means no.


Gawking is Impolite

Gawking, or staring at other sunbathers, is impolite. It is always rude to stare at others, but it is especially so when you use binoculars or a camera.


Be Respectful When Taking Photos or Video

If you insist on taking a picture, confine it to just the people in your party, and that means avoiding having anyone in the background without their verbal (if not written) consent. Also, totally avoid taking photos of under-age children not your own at the beach. It isn't worth the confrontation you will be inviting.


Be Prepared

Bring everything you may need, including: Water/Beverages, Food, Cooler, Sunscreen, Towel, Chair or Pop-up Awning. Use the bathroom in the parking lot before coming down the ramp to the beach!


Speak up for Standards

If you see someone who is violating the accepted standards, please explain to them clearly and politely just how they are violating the rules and just what the proper behavior is. You will find most voyeurs will leave immediately after being discovered.


If the person gives you grief, do not escalate the confrontation. Just contact the local lifeguard, police or park ranger to handle the complaint for you.

Stay true to yourself, join the American Association of Nude Recreation  today!


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