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AANR West Supports Many Activities

AANR-West promotes a wide variety of events throughout the year at our parks and resorts, but also at outside venues. For example:

We sponsor local comedy shows and theater productions where not only are the performers nude, but so is the audience!

At the parks we co-sponsor nude 5K runs and Volleyball tournaments. We promote team competition between clubs and offer medals and trophies to regional winners. Go to to see this year’s scheduled inter-club competitions.


Some social nudists enjoy hiking on secluded trails in nearby hills or state parks. Not all states allow this, so check out the Government Affairs menu area for the laws that affect you.  Despite those laws, many cities allow nudists to participate in the annual World Naked Bike Ride, now celebrated in over 200 cities worldwide the second Saturday of each June.  Younger nudists under age 30 are especially enthusiastic about these activities.  Read all about them in this section of the web site.






Volleyball: The Official Sport of Nude Recreation:

“Any discussion of nudism and sports begins with volleyball, the most popular nudist sport. Requiring little equipment other than a net, it’s an active, competitive sport with little physical contact that requires no clothing and often not even shoes when played on grass or sand.”


Water Volleyball Competition at De Anza Springs:

“DeAnza Springs Resort’s water volleyball program has grown from a small group of fun-seeking people trying to get a game going at their home turf to a large crowd that enjoys the sport so much that they regularly travel to AANR conventions and festivals with multiple teams.”


Pickleball: The Latest Nudist Craze:

In 2012, by two nudist couples who discovered the game in Arizona and brought it back home to California to share with friends at Laguna Del Sol.


AANR-Northwest Pickleball and Nudism:

“As I was researching pickleball, I was surprised to find out it is among the fastest growing sports in America and it tops the list for seniors over 50.  More surprising was that the sport was invented right here.”


Running, Hiking and Camping

Running a 5K in the Buff:

Though no official statistics are kept on the number of nude races, there’s little doubt that running a 5K in the buff is appearing on more and more bucket lists.


Olive Dell’s Bare Burro 5K Run:

The 3.5-mile course around Olive Dell is not an easy one, crisscrossing into the hills above the park, providing spectacular views of Reche Canyon a thousand feet below and of the wildflowers which were spectacularly in bloom everywhere.


Nude Hiking Is a Tradition in Southern California:

Across Southern California, one can find many secluded trails, streams, and hot springs to enjoy without clothes or other people nearby – if you know where to look.


Nude Beaches

Nude Beaches in California Cannot Be Taken for Granted.


Nude Comedy Shows

Ask most people to list their biggest fears and they’ll mention public speaking or appearing nude in front of others. Not only is Tim and his fellow comedians nude when they appear at venues ranging from AANR resorts to mainstream comedy clubs, but so too is the audience.


Nude Bowling

We rented out an entire 8-lane bowling alley in Montrose. A large number of members from other nudist clubs joining us, making the event officially a sellout with over 40 in attendance.


Nude at the Art Gallery

Over fifty nudists representing three Southern California clubs came together to experience a first for Los Angeles – being nude while enjoying a museum of nude art.


World Naked Bike Ride

WNBR 2017

The ride began at a different place than last year, and the starting point is always kept secret until 24 hours before the ride to discourage gawkers and freelance photographers.


Nude Yoga

Yoga is a wonderful low impact way to get and stay in shape, yet at the same time relieving some of the stress we all experience in our day-to-day lives.


Korean Spa Night a Huge Success!

Fifty enthusiastic naturists spent an enjoyable evening relaxing at the T Health Spa in Torrance. The facilities it easily accommodated everyone that showed up as we spread out into different saunas, Jacuzzis, relaxation rooms and conversation areas.


Travel Shows

Each year, AANR-West staffs an information booth at several strategic trade shows around the region. In the past few years we have been at the Quartzite RV Show in Arizona, billed as the largest RV show in the world (100,000 people for 10 days), the Los Angeles Travel and Adventure Show (35,000 to 40,000 people over a weekend), and the California Parks and Recreation Show. We have also found a lot of interest in nude recreation at various Earth Day fairs throughout the region.


Naked Gardening Day and Earth Day

Gardening has a timeless quality, and anyone can do it: young and old, singles or groups, the fit and infirm, urban and rural. AAANR-West supports this worldwide activity each year, celebrated on the first Saturday of each May.


Stay true to yourself, join the American Association of Nude Recreation  today!


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